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How much does an indoor fiberglass pool cost?

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

This is another great question we are getting asked more frequently lately. Why not enclose your fiberglass pool and use it year-round? Wisconsin has a 5-6 month window to swim and what better way to extend your swimming options while staying at home than to put your fiberglass pool indoors! In this article, I will try to provide a general idea of costs for an indoor pool including the structure and ventilation/dehumidification costs to preserve and maintain your indoor fiberglass pool.

  1. THE INDOOR POOL: Arguably the most important part of the equation. Indoor fiberglass pools do require more work and materials to install versus a traditional outdoor fiberglass pool. To properly explain the cost difference we need to explain first how an indoor fiberglass pool is built. As you can see in the photo below, the building needs to sit on frost walls. So the first step is to excavate the entire area and have the frost walls installed. Next, we install the base of clean stone for the pool to sit on, then we plumb the pool. This is where we deviate from the outdoor installation. Since the entire area is open we need to backfill the entire room with 3/4" clean stone and compact it in lifts to ensure the gravel is solid. This adds considerable time and material to the cost of the project. In most cases, we use a conveyor system to feed the gravel into the room where workers are raking and compacting the stone as we go. Once the backfill is installed and graded the pool deck is poured with a pitch back to the pool so that any water inside the pool room goes back to the pool. So you can see there is quite a bit more work and materials required for an indoor application. The cost to upgrade your fiberglass pool to an indoor application is typically an additional $7-$10,000.00 above and beyond a comparably equipped outdoor fiberglass pool.

2. THE STRUCTURE: Next comes the structure and these are not inexpensive by any stretch of the imagination. Designing, customizing, and completing a structure around a fiberglass pool has its own unique challenges. After the concrete deck is poured the contractor builds a temporary platform to cover the pool to allow them to work over the top of the pool to complete the structure. Structures over in-ground pools typically start out in the $200,000.00 range for something basic all the way up to whatever you can dream of.

3. VENTILATION & DEHUMIDIFACTION: The second most important portion of the entire build process is to have a qualified HVAC contractor design and install a properly sized dehumidification system to keep the inside of your pool room comfortable and dry. An improperly sized or installed system could lead to potential mold and deterioration of interior surfaces like drywall, wood paneling, etc. Ventilation and dehumidification systems can run from $35,000.00 to $60,000.00 on average. It is a sizable investment, but without it, your pool room will not last long. Desert Aire is one of the most common units out there.

4: THE COST: Below is a general breakdown of the cost of putting your fiberglass pool indoors.

1: Fiberglass Pool Cost: $57,000.00

2: Automatic Pool Cover $15,000.00

3: Additional Time and Material to install fiberglass pool indoors $9,000.00

4: Structure: $200,000.00

5: Electrical Service: $6,500.00

6: HVAC and Dehumudification $60,000.00

Total Approximate Cost: $347,500.00

Below are a few photos of some of our indoor fiberglass pool projects over the years. If an indoor fiberglass pool is right for you and your family visit our website @

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