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Paver Pool Decks - Pros ans Cons

Paver Pool Decks have been growing in popularity over the last decade. There is no denying the beauty a paver pool deck ads to a pool project. As a pool builder I am a huge fan of paver patios. There is one major downside however and that is cost.


Paver patios can cost anywhere from $24.00 per square foot for a standard Holland Paver to upwards of $60.00 per foot for Travetine Pavers and so on. As beautiful as they are it can be difficult for the average pool owner to justify the cost. The patio in the picture above cost more than the pool. While it adds depth and texture to the overall poolscape, not many pool projects look like this.


Installing a paver patio is very labor intensive, so overall it adds to the length of time to complete your project.


This is why I love pavers. They are easy to repair. Pavers rarely crack, the worse case scenario is you may get settling. This settling would cause concrete to crack, but since pavers are individual stones they are able to float and shift without damage. To repair a settled area is as simple as pulling up the pavers adjusting the base and resetting the paver. Pavers are ideal for this climate in the same manner as fiberglass pool. The marriage fo the two leads to beautiful pool projects that can last a lifetime.

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Green Bay, WI 

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