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Salt Water Friendly Above Ground Pools

Salt Water Friendly Genesis Above Ground Pool built in Appleton WI by Pool Pros


Am I reading this right? Yes you are and you would be correct to question this topic on my website. I am both against salt water pools and resin (plastic) pools. So why have a blog about them and why sell them? This is the logical thought progression and I will explain.

First and foremost as you may have read in my other articles, I am 100% against the use of salt systems on any pool. Secondly, I am against selling of Resin pools. Both are inferior products in my opinion. However, we do have some clients that absolutely want both of these items. Rather then turn them away we explain why we don't recomend them and if that doesnt work we will give them exactly what they want.


There are very few above ground pool manufacturers that have a pool that can be used in combination with a salt system and still retain its full warranty. There are loopholes in most warranties that void the warranty if a salt system is used on the pool. This is due to the corrosive nature of salt water.

With the demand for salt at an all time high we did not want to lose any sales of above ground pools because of salt water compatibility issues. So we found the best above ground pool we could that has a warranty to support a salt system. That is the Genesis Above Ground Pool.

The Genesis Above Ground Pool is a Resin (plastic pool). A resin pool is a pool with all plastic components that has a steel wall. The reason the pool is salt water friendly is that the resin components will not corrode due to the salt water. All salt water friendly pools are resin.

The Genesis Above Ground Pool also has a stainless steel skimmer and return panel. This is the area that has the highest potential for leaks and since it is stainless it is much less likely to corrode from salt water than a traditional galvanized pool panel.

These 2 huge features along with its futuristic looks make this salt water friendly pool a great choice if you cant go with out salt water.


When it is hot outside, nothing beats wading in the cool waters of your above ground pool.The Resin Series brings you innovative technology and incredible endurance that will win your heart as the ideal fusion of high technology and impeccable style. Resin injection molding is a revolutionary process that eliminates corrosion risks and guarantees long-term dependability. Transform your backyard into an everyday vacation.

  • VISION wall pattern beautifully coordinates with the Champagne color palette.

  • Curved resin top ledges offer a perfect look and an outstanding rigidity. Beautiful metallic highlights accent the ledge cover and uprights.

  • The special arching design notches make for a delightful play of light and shadows on the uprights.

  • Precision-adjusted components.

  • All the components for the resin pool structure are molded by an injection process that enables us to reinforce all the components.

  • Synflex resin bottom rails come with exterior shields, giving them strength.


  • 6-inch curved Talc filled injection-molded resin top ledges

  • Talc filled injection-molded resin uprights reinforced with embossed patterns

  • Two-tone ledge covers

  • Synflex resin bottom rails

  • Robust injection-molded resin structure

  • Vision wall pattern patented with resin shield

  • Heavy corrugated wall with superior coatings

  • Precision-adjusted components

  • Stainless steel hardware

  • All steel fully coated on both sides

  • Highest density resin used to protect warping and cracking

  • Easy to assemble

  • Space saver system for oval pools

So although we frown on salt water pools we will make sure that if a client is set on a salt water above ground pool, that they have the correct pool package to go along with it.

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