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Set your pool on fire with these 5 must have fire features

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

This Fiberglass Pool is fire!
This D Series Pool is Straight Fire

The party doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down! Set your fiberglass pool o fire with these 5 must have fire features! From fire pits to fire places or fire tables, there are some sweet options for staying warm on those cool summer nights. Plus they brighten up your beautiful pool project! Make those backyard get-togethers a little warmer with these fire feature options:


Christmas in the Summer?! Leave some cookies out and Santa might go right down this chimney in July! An outdoor fireplace is a perfect place to chillax by while admiring the night sky. Budget, placement, and functions are the most important factors to consider when purchasing a fireplace. They can be made with brick, concrete or stone veneer. These options usually have chimneys that redirect the smoke. Some other bells and whistles you can look into are built in ashtrays that make for easy clean up or steel mesh doors to protect from sparks and hot embers. These are some higher end options, however. You can also get a portable steel fireplace if you are looking for a cheaper option or need to conserve space. Affordable does not equate to non functional though. Some have the same add-ons mentioned above and even cooking grates for grilling.


Did someone say smores?! A fire pit is another viable option to add to your backyard project. There is a wide range of options to choose from depending on design or fuel source. The Sunset Fire Pit from Unilock is a great option to get that fire you're craving at a pretty reasonable cost. Or you can build one yourself with similar materials from your local box store.


If you want to enjoy a nice fire in the front yard sometimes, or even want to pack it up to bring it camping or for a bonfire on the beach, a portable fire pit is an excellent option for just that. They are generally made of steel and very similar to standard fire pits. The differences are that they are mobile and have the option to be either wood, charcoal, or propane fueled.


Sick of smelling like a campfire? Smokeless fire pits are an innovative option to look into as well. Due to their unique design and combustion mechanism which results in a high-temperature output, they work very well in reducing the amount of smoke and odor they produce. A traditional fire pit simply burns from primary combustion and the excess fuel that doesn’t have time to burn exits via smoke or soot. But, with a smokeless, a secondary combustion process takes place that recycles that lost fuel and allows more time for it to burn. Although, keep in mind that no fire pit is ever completely smoke-free.


Looking for a more upscale option? Fire tables can be an upscale addition to your backyard oasis. They are gas powered, so they must be installed in a permanent location that draws natural gas from your house. Instead of lighting fire tables, the simple turn of a knob turns the flames on or off. They usually come in square or rectangular shapes, but you likely can find any shape that fits your needs. In addition, beautiful decorative glass or stones can be used to compliment the mesmerizing flames. Although the initial investment for a fire table may be significantly higher than alternative fire features as it is considered a luxurious item, they can pay off in the long run when it comes to your energy bill. So factors such as how often you plan on using it are important to think about.


The days of the crusty ole bamboo tiki torch are long gone. Tiki torches have advanced pretty admirabley over the last few years. Now you can even get tiki table torches in varying sizes colors and materials. Originating in Polynesian/Hawaiian culture, Tiki torches, traditionally made out of woven bamboo, have been modernized to be made out of glass or metal as well. They have been integrated into many landscape projects, or you may have seen some used as outside decor at restaurants to keep guests warm. Typical Tiki Torches have a container of fuel at the top, with a lit wick drawing from that container. But newer designs allow for natural gas or propane to be used as a fuel source. They are great for illuminating walkways or placed strategically around a lounge area, and double as a source of heat. Whichever way you choose to use tiki torches, they will gorgeously compliment your pool project.

Fire is a great way to accent your poolscape and extend the amount of time you are able to enjoy your pool area without needing to be in the pool. As always be cautious and responsible when using anything that creates a flame and follow the manufacturers directions for proper use. For more info on these awesome fire features please check out the articles below.


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