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2021's Hottest Pool Accessory


2021 is looking like another great year for pool ownership. With a record number of potential pool owners researching who will build their swimming pool in 2021 they are also scouring the web for 2021's hottest new pool accessory to take their pool project to another level. Well, we think we found it.


That hot new accessory is the Magic Bowl from Pentair. The Magic Bowl had been around for a few years but is finally taking off. The Magic Bowl is a water feature that imitates the popular Fire and Water Bowl made famous by Bobe and Grand Affects.

Pentair Magic Bowls
Pentair Magic Bowls by Signature Pools of Chicago


When Pentair set out to design a lower cost and safe alternative to the Fire/Water Bowl they hit a home run with the Magic Bowl. The Pentair Magic Bowl is a water feature that has a built-in led light that imitates the effect of fire. It is a safe alternative for a fire/water bowl. It gives a very real effect of having fire but with no actual fire. It's a great alternative for high traffic areas around your pool or areas that are not safe for fire. Anyone that has kids knows that a fire bowl can be a kid magnet too. One minute the kids are poolside relaxing, then in the blink of an eye, they are trying to roast marshmallows in the fire bowl or who knows what else! For those of you with curious or wild children, the Magic Bowl is a great safe option that also looks amazing.


The Magic Bowl is also less expensive than a fire/water bowl. Not only is the fire/water bowl assembly expensive but you also need to run electrical and gas lines to the fire bowl too. This can add thousands to the cost to complete a fire bowl system. This is where the Magic Bowl is another great option. The Magic bowl only requires water and light to complete the effect. Not to mention they look great too. Contact your builder to see what it would take to implement the Pentair Magic Bowl into your pool project for 2021.


Great looks, great price, and safety are the trifecta that makes the Magic Bowl by Pentair the Hottest Pool Accessory of 2021. When you are ready to take the plunge into pool ownership call Pool Pros

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