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When is the best time to buy a fiberglass pool?


The best time is right now! Sounds cliche' but it is true. Pool Pros locks in our pricing for the entire year at the beginning of January. So if you don't take advantage of our current prices you can expect a price increase for the following spring.

Pool Pros does not offer any sales throughout the year. We keep our prices as low as possible to keep the lights on and our employees around. We can't do that if we are offering sales or not charging enough to be sustainable. That is part of the reason Pool Pros is still in business while handfuls of other fiberglass pool builders have come and gone.

There will never be a better time to buy your pool than right now. If you can't get to your project until the following season you do have the option of signing a contract and providing a deposit to lock in current pricing even if your pool will be built after prices go up.

Pool Pros advice is to do your research into your pool builders but buy now. Summer is coming fast.


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