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How Messy is a fiberglass pool installation

Updated: Jan 22, 2021


I willl try to keep this article short and sweet because really, who has time to read much these days anyways! As all pool installations go, they are all messy. Heavily loaded dump trucks, concrete trucks water tanker trucks, excavators and skid steers are but a few of the pieces of heavy equipment that will need access in and out of your yard to efficiently build your pool. With the use of this equipment comes the reality that your yard will not look the same ever again.

A fiberglass pool is generally a little less messy because there is no plaster dust or gunite overspray to deal with like a concrete pool. However, the real determining factor is the weather. Pools built in early spring and late fall are usually the messiest because there tends to be more rain in spring and fall. Soft wet soil will get torn up much quicker than nice dry hard soil that we tend to see from June-August. To get a better understanding of what type of damage you can expect to your yard watch this short video from River Pools.

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Green Bay, WI 

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