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How to begin planning for a pool project

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

While this may seem pretty straight forward this is critical to the success of your project or prevent you from investing a lot of time and energy in something that won't realistically happen. The goal of this article is to provide potential pool owners with the resources needed to efficiently sort through a lot of the noise on the internet to make the best choice for their new pool.

I like to start things off by letting potential pool owners in the early stages of their research to be prepared for actual cost. It is typically a lot more than most people realize and is a sizable investment. So if you are not able to dedicate $50,000.00 or more to a project, an in-ground pool of any type is likely not a reality. Alright, let's get to it.

DIGGERS HOTLINE: This should be the first step in the research for your in-ground pool. Call 811 and file a locate request and record the ticket number provided to you. Typically within 3 days any and all underground utilities on your property will be marked. At this point, you can determine if you have the space to install a pool without relocating any utilities.

PERMITTING: Now that you know if your pool area is free of utilities, the next step is to contact your local municipality to determine if you are able to build a pool in your area as well. Each municipality has its own requirements, setbacks, and requirements when building pools. Once you have determined if you are able to build a pool on your property and the required setbacks from your municipality you are ready to take the next step.

SEPTIC TANKS & WELLS: If your home is equipped with a well or a septic system, the next step would be to contact your County to request a plat of your property with a scale drawing of the location of your well, its line to and from the well to the house and a completed layout of the septic system with all of its components.

VETTING FIBERGLASS POOL MANUFACTURERS: This is another critical area of research as not all fiberglass pool made the same. To help potential pool owners Pool Pors has put together a comprehensive list fo all the major fiberglass pool manufacturers in the United States. Click Here for Article

VETTING POTENTIAL POOL BUILDERS: Once you have these areas covered you can now begin vetting potential fiberglass pool builders. We always recommend contacting a handful of builders and pick the one that you are most comfortable with. To aid in streamlining your research Pool Pros has put together a list of all of the fiberglass pool builders in Wisconsin. Click Here for Article

From here you should have everything you need to be able to confidently make the choice of your preferred pool builder. If you are ready to take the next step and would like to contact a design specialist at Pool Pros call us at 920-771-0107 or reach out here.


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