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At Pool Pros we are always striving to find new ways to help our clients save time and money wehn it comes to their swimming pools. Thats where Tundra Shield came from.
For years Pool owners have been buying pool heaters and or solar panels to help keep their pools warm and or extend the already short swimming season in the frozen north. I can completely understand wanting to swim in a warm pool, however those utility bills add up quick when you get a few cold nights in summer. Most people realize they are heating their pools but what they are failing to see is that most of that heat is lost through the walls of your pool. Especially at night when the tempreature drops.
Truth be told natural gas and propane heaters are the best source for heating your pool quickly. Since we cant get away form the fact that most other heating methods are futile, how can we improve the pool heater to keep costs down. Well with the advent of the new Hayward Universal Induced Draft Heaters that has been

taken care of. How else can we help keep our pools warm. The next logical thougt would be insulation right?
Thats where Tundrshield Pool Insulation takes over. Tundra Shield is a revolutionary pool iunsulation that reduces heat loss by up to 80%. It is used on the pool wall and pool floor and in combination with the use of a traditional solar cover on the water surface, this system is amazing.
You certainly wouldnt live in an uninsulated house in Wisconsin! So why have an uninsulated pool. The cost of the Tundrshield is so low that you will see an instant return on investment in the first season. All the savings after that go right in your pocket.

In fact, we encourage all of our customers to insulate their above ground swimming pools with Tundra Shield for both the pool walls and for Pool Floors.

Tundra Shieldl itself is a 3/16” thick metalized foil/bubble/clear poly material, it is ultra resistant and light weight, with a 69 PSI puncture rate. The insulation comes in a roll and can be installed by Pool Pros or purchased from Pool Pros for the do-it-yourselfers.

Tundra Shield Pool Insulation reflects solar energy in the water, and is also an excellent vapor barrier.

Pool Pros Recommendation: If you are thinking about getting an above ground pool, you should definitely consider insulating it with both Tundra Shield. Tundra Shield Pool Insulation is also a good idea for in groud vinyl pools too. If you have an existing pool, consider having it insulated the next time you have a liner replacement. Tundra Shield Pool Insulation is quick and easy to install and relatively inexpensive.

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