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The Pros and Cons of Swimming Pool Water Features

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

When shopping for a new pool, water features tend to get glossed over but at Pool Pros we want to make sure you have the most information about every aspect possible for your pool project. While water features are great there is more to them than what meets the eye. Hopefully this list of article on the Pros and Cons of Water Features will help you make the most informed decision in regards to adding or not adding water features to your pool.


To better describe the pros and cons of water features we first need to explain what they actually are. Water features are devices that are typically above the water level of the pool that allow water to flow through the features and spill back into the pool with the aid of a pool pump. Pool water features come in a wide variety of sizes shapes, and designs, and may be constructed with natural or artificial materials, typically concrete, bricks, natural or synthetic structures like Rico Rock. Other types of Pool Water Features can be traditional sheer decent water falls, bubblers, magic bowls, firebowls, laminars, deck jets, rain curtains, etc. All of these features have a similar affect of adding the sound of falling water to your pool along with added visual appeal.


A water feature can make your poolscape even more inviting by adding the tranquil sound of rushing water.

Here are some more ways a water feature may enhance your life.

  • Stress Relief is a big one. To me there is nothing more relaxing than the sound of falling water. Kick your shoes off and ease into your lounge chair poolside and soak in the soothing sounds of your water features.

  • Enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your backyard by giving it a luxurious look.

  • Water features can increase water circulation which improves filtration and increases oxygenation

  • Increase the likelihood that you will spend more time near the pool

  • The use of a water feature has the tendency to lower the water temperature of your pool. Cooler water helps protect the pool’s chlorine. Chlorine is naturally broken down over time by sunlight. A cooler temperature gives chlorine a longer lifespan, in turn, saving you money.

  • May add value to your home (when compared to a water feature less pool)

  • Can block out background noise like neighbors, traffic, lawnmowers, etc.


While I wouldn't really consider these cons, they are definitely key areas that you need to consider before adding a water feature to your pool. Water features are unique but all water features have a few things in common. Commonalities are plumbing, filtration, maintenance and the feature itself. We will break this down further.

Plumbing: Generally speaking some features require 1" plumbing like the Pentair Magic Stream Laminars. Others like the Pentair Sheer decent can require up to 3" plumbing and a dedicated pump and set of wall drains. This requires a solid understanding of fluid hydraulics and requires the skills of an experienced plumber.

Filtration: There are a few water features that require an independent filtration system which will add to the cost of the water feature.

The Feature: While they vary quite widely typically the most expensive water feature is the Magic Bowl from Pentair. The feature/housing that the water flows through is more pricey than other options. Next up would be the Magic Stream Laminar and the Colorvision Bubbler.

Winterization: All water features require some type of winterization to prevent freeze damage when the pool is closed in winter. This will add to the cost of the pool closing service.

Maintenance- The bigger your waterfall or water feature installation, the harder it will be to clean. The materials you use in construction also impact its long-term costs . Rico Rock or artificial rocks or pre-formed structures may erode over time, particularly if you have a saltwater pool. Funk could also build up in nooks and crannies of the water feature which will require routine maintenance

Lifespan- The material used to build your water feature i.e; pillar and pillar cap, water feature housing and maintenance all affect the lifespan of the water feature.

COST: Water features do add to the cost of your pool project and there are a lot of variables that affect that cost The more elaborate the higher the cost. Its up to you to justify the expense. There are some great lower cost options to get that falling water affect for your pool.

As you can see there may be some drawbacks (mostly) cost with Pool Water Features, but if you know and understand them going into your pool project you should be in good hands. Hopefully this articel was helpful. Please take a look at the other articles listed below for more help.


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