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What do different pool patio types cost?


1: PAVER PATIOS: I am partial to paver patios for the same reason I favor fiberglass pools. Paver Patios are flexible. By that I mean they wont crack like concrete. If there is settling under the pavers that can be removed the base re levelled and the pavers reset with no evidence of a repair. They also look amazing and take an average pool project to a whole different level. The downside is the cost and length of time to complete a paver patio. A basic holland paver costs around $24.00 per square foot while other paver options can range over $60.00 per square foot. So you can see that pavers are not your run of the pool decking and these pool decks typically cost more than the actual pool itself.

2: STAMPED CONCRETE: Stamped concrete is the mid range for cost of pool deck options.

Stamped Concrete ranges in cost from $20.00 per square foot to upwards of $26.00 per square foot depending on difficulty of the pour , amount of concrete and pattern selected. A concrete guy once told me this, there are 2 truths about concrete it gets hard and it will crack.

Cracks are hard to fix in concrete, especially with stamped concrete.

3: BROOM FINISHED CONCRETE: The most popular concrete finish of all time. 90% of all our pool decks are broom finished concrete. At a cost of around $6.50 per square foot it is very economical. Going with broom finished concrete as a pool deck is a great idea for saving money. This savings can then be added back into landscaping and lighitng to further accentuate your project.

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