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What is a Tanning Ledge?


A Tanning Ledge is a shallow area in a pool where swimmers can relax on a lounge chair and read a book, have cocktail or just bask in the sun. Take a look at this video that features a spacious tanning ledge.


A Tanning Ledge is often between 7 to 12" in depth.


Some pools have tanning ledges that span the full with of the pool, some are just a small area, and others may be off to the side fo the pool. The limits are endless based on the type of pool you desire.


A tanning ledge is known by other names as well. Some people call it a Baja Shelf, Sun Shelf, Tanning Shelf,etc. They all mean the same thing though. A shallow area to relax and catch some rays.


Tanning Ledges have become so popular that an entire series of outdoor furniture have been designed specifically for their use. Some famous names are Ledge Lounger, Tropitone, SR Smith, Aqua Chair,etc.


While the tanning ledge is a massive trend right now there are pros and cons to the unique feature. The Pros are that you have a wonderful relaxing area to hangout without the need to swim or worry about falling off your pool float. The only disadvantage I can see is that a tanning ledge eats up usable swimming space in your pool. So if you have a 32ft pool with a 7' tanning ledge that really only gives you a 25' long pool. So based on how you perceive the use of your pool this could be a pro or a con. Either way a pool with a tanning ledge is the hottest new trend in swimming pools and may be coming to a yard near you!


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