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What is Cantilevered Concrete?

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Cantilevered Concrete Pool Deck on a Blue Hawaiian Bay Isle Fiberglass Pool in De Pere WI

Cantilevered Concrete has been the standard in pool deck finished since the late 1980s.

Cantilevered Concrete is the concrete pool deck that actually comes over the top of the pool and slightly hangs into the pool with a bullnose type profile. It gives a nice clean finished look to the pool.

The picture above shows a fiberglass pool with cantilevered concrete. To achieve this profile pool builders use a specialized form from Stegmeier. This form attaches to the pool with 2 strips of adhesive tape and a series of tie wires.

Stegmeier Regular Forms Installed with Plumb Strips on a San Juan Pleasure Island Fiberglass Pool in Ashwaubenon WI

Installing these forms will make or brake your pool deck. If done incorrectly or by an inexperienced

builder the forms can become unattahce to the pool and the concrete can fall into the pool leaving a mess.

The form needs to be stripped before the concrete has had a chance to cure and the edge needs to be rubbed out to remove any imperfections. With a fiberglass pool this is tricky and needs to be done from inside the pool.

Your pool deck and most importantly the cantilevered edge are the most critical pieces to a successful project. This is the edge that everyone will see for the life of your pool and if its not

done well it will show. Most concrete companies have never dealt with cantileverd pool decking

and the details it takes to pull off successfully. So if you decide to have another company pour the concrete for your project make extra sure that they have poured at least a dozen of these pool decks in the recent past. There is no replacement for experience when it comes to pouring pool decks.

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