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What is stamped concrete?

Heavy Texture Stamped Pool Deck
Stamped Concrete Pool Deck

Stamped concrete is concrete with a decorative finish or texture that is added to the concrete with the aid of stamping pads and hand tamper. Often times pigments or colors can be added to give the stamped concrete a more natural finished look.

Stamped Concrete is often sealed with a gloss sealer to bring the full-color profile to view. If stamped concrete is used as a pool deck it is recommended that a product like Shark Grip or a texture additive be used with the sealer to give the finish more grip. Gloss sealers used on stamped concrete create a slick surface which is less than ideal for around a swimming pool or wet surfaces. Even with a texture additive sealed stamp concrete is very slick.

This can be trouble if you have little ones that always seem to be running near a pool even when told not to.

Stamped concrete can come in many different designs from a heavy texture that matches large natural stones to cobblestone, brick, to even wood plank! There are a wide variety of color choices as well. The concrete itself can have an integral color in the concrete and then a colored antiqued release can be used to give the concrete an accent color.

Here is a great video on how the stamping process works.

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