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What is the best type of filter system for a fiberglass pool?

Hayward Swimclear Mulit Element Cartridge Filter System

Q: What is the best type of filter system for a fiberglass pool?

For me as a pool professional this is a drop in the hat. Cartridge filter systems are the best. Not all cartridge filters are eqaul though.

The Hayward Swimclear Cartridge Filter System that you see above is a large capacity filter that has 4 seperate cartridges. This allows you to go along time between filter cleanings. With this size filter the average pool owner will only need to clean their filter once per season.

A filter this big does come with a bigger price tag, but it is offset by the reduced amount of maintenance involved to clean it. The cost is $875.00 for this filter

Hayward Swimclear Single Element Cartridge Filter

There other lower cost options like the swimclear single element filter. It filters water just as well as its large counter part but due to its size it will need biweekly cleaning to keep the filter clean. The cost is $400.00 for this filter.

The reason behind the use of a cartridge filter system is 3 fold.

1: It filters ut smaller particles than sand filters

2: Requires less maintenance

3: Conserves, water and energy


Youre probably asking how does it conserve energy. To cover that we need to get into the process of cleaning a sand filter. To clean a sand filter you will need to backwash the filter. During the backwashing process your pool will lose 300 gallons of water. Along with that lost water you are losing chemicals to treat the pool and energy to heat that water as well.


So not only will you lose about 1200 gallons of water per month with a sand filter but you will also lose the money that it cost to heat that lost water. Dont forget the chemicals either.


It is also more difficult to keep pool water balanced on a pool with a sand filter. Because of the water loss you are having to add make up water to the pool each week. This makeup water also needs to be treated with extra chemicals and the pool heater needs to be run more to take the make up water from 58 degrees out of the tap to 84 degrees for you to swim in.

Pool Pros only puts cartridge filters on all its pools. They are easy to use, easier to maintian and save you money in the long run. Seems like a no brainer to me!

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