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What to expect with my pool closing?

This is a great question, typically asked by new fiberglass pool owners. In this article, we will break down what an owner of a fiberglass pool can expect with a pool closing and what they would need to do to be prepared.

At Pool Pros we have an Ala Carte Pool Closing Program that starts off with the "Basic Pool Closing". A Basic Pool Closing includes winterizing of your pool plumbing, 1 pool pump, 1 pool filter, 1 Pool heater, and the addition of a pool shock treatment to the pool water.

Pool Pros ala carte program allows clients to select from a basic pool closing to a complete premium closing. Our program allows the client to add the following services to their scheduled closing.

  1. Lowering of water level if needed. (This is not necessary with a fiberglass pool)

  2. Addition of a full treatment of Winterizing Chemicals

  3. Vacuuming of pool

  4. Cleaning of Filter Cartridges

  5. Installation of Safety Style Cover


  1. Pool Pros requires that your fiberglass pool is at the operating level when we arrive to close your pool.

  2. Pool Pros also requires that any and all winterizing plugs and cover be left on the pool deck for quick and efficient closing. If you are missing plugs or supplies, Pool Pros will install them and add them to the final cost of the closing for your peace of mind.

  3. Pool Pros recommends keeping your pool filtration system running, the pool clean, and water balanced until we arrive to close your pool. A clean and balanced pool at closing makes your spring pool opening, quicker and easier. *If your pool is dirty and unbalanced when we arrive and you have not selected Pool Pros to vacuum your pool, your pool will be winterized in the condition it was in when we arrived.


When we arrive to close your pool, it is a whirlwind of getting after it. With our APSP Certified Service Technicians (typically 2) we get right to it. Our pool closings typically take 15- 20 minutes. Our technicians make it look easy but we have been doing this for over 2 decades and designed and built your fiberglass pool so our familiarity with your pool and equipment aids in our efficiencies.


At Pool Pros we used to service all types and styles of pools. As our company has grown and the number of pools we built increased we made the choice to only service the pools that we built. This allows us to better serve our own clients and since we designed and built your pool system we are very familiar with your equipment and designed your systems to be very easy and efficient to service.


Actually it varies a little bit each season based on the temperature. Algae stops growing when the temps get into the mid 50's. We try to coordinate our closing based on that factor. So we typically start pool closing in late September and early October.


First and foremost, we built the pool and have a familiarity with your system that others won't. We are also not only pool builders, we are APSP Certified Service Technicians. This is a designation that requires years of industry experience, expensive training and testing, and requires continuous training and testing to retain. Something a lot of fiberglass pool builders just don't have. The other important factor is your pool warranty. If you choose to have another pool company or try to close the pool yourself it will void our original installation warranty. The reason for this is that we cannot guarantee that you or whomever you hire will properly close the pool. Since damage from improper winterizing can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars we highly recomend always hiring your original builder to close your pool. No one will be more familiar with your pool and it will keep your warranty intact.

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Green Bay, WI 

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