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How Much Space Do You Need to Get In My Yard?

I have to confess, this topic is off a blog from a fiberglass pool builder in another state that I just read and it horrified me. This blog should be called too close for comfort.

If you look at the photo above this is a mini excavator driving within inches of a foundation of a neighbors home. This excavator weighs in at over 10,000lbs or more. That kind of weight should not be placed that close to a foundation of a home without expecting to damage it. The worse part of it is that this builder even drove a fully loaded dump truck through that same access poitn which weighs over twice that of the excavator.

When a builder says that they can do anything or build your pool anywhere, its time to pump the breaks. Damage to your neighbors foundation because your builder was reckless is real and most likely will happen if your builder does what this one did. Not worth paying tens of thousand to repair or replace your neighbors foundation.

It is a best practice to stay at least 8 if not 10 feet from a foundation wall with heavy equipment like excavators, and dump trucks. At Pool Pros we always like to use the garage side of the home as an access point. This allows use to get closer to the garage becuase we dont have to worry about a foundation. This typically gives us 10 or more clearance from the neighbors home as well.

It's one thing to want a pool, but to gamble with damaging your neighbors home like this builder and pool owner did is wreckless and dangerous. This builder should not be trusted. If he is willing to take risks like this just to sell a pool, there is no telling what else they are willing to do or what corners they will cut.

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Green Bay, WI 

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