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How are fiberglass Pools Made? 

Brace yourself, we are about to dive into some of the most boring yet critical details of how fiberglass pools are made. The manufactuing process of fiberglass pools is critical to the success of your finished pool. So as boring as this may be, pay close attention because it will benefit your research when shopping for a fiberglass pool. Grab a cup of hot black coffee or your favorite caffeinated drink to stay awake cuz your gonna need it! Lets dive into how fiberglass pools are made!


Polymerization, Cross Lynx Technology,Resin, Honey Comb, Laminate, Gelcoat, Woven Roven, Chopped Fiberglass and Resin are a few of the common words you will here used when talking about the manufacturing of fiberglass pools. Trust me, I know this is going to be very boring and you may even fall asleep reading this but this is all super critical to the success of building a world class fiberglass pools.


The first question should be .... where are fiberglass pools made? A huge benefit of fiberglass pools is that they are made indoors in a climate controlled envirnment. At Pool Pros we sell the River Pools brand of fiberglass pools and they are mannufactured in the "Super Plant" in Fortville Indianna. One of, if not the largest fiberglass pool manufacturing plant in the United States.


The first step in creating a fiberglass pool is creating the mold from which the fiberglass pools will spring forth. Check out this quick video from river pools on the importance of the fiberglass pool mold

The first step that goes into forming the fiberglass pool shell is the gelcoat. River Pools uses the highest quality gelcoat on the market, the pool's surface is the most tested and reputable on the market. 

The second step that goes into fiberglass pool shell construction is a vinyl ester resin barrier, which prevents potential blistering and protects the surface finish of the pool. 

The third step is the chopped and hand laid roving fiberglass, River Pools uses both equipment-applied chopped fiberglass and hand-laid woven fiberglass for the best physical properties that a best-in-class fiberglass pool requires. River Pools do not cut corners by adding fillers because adding any filler affects the integrity of the surface in a bad way. 

The final step is the honeycomb core, some places in the pool shell such as the steps and tanning ledge are subject to higher flexible stress. River Pools reinforce those areas with this added layer of woven roving fiberglass for additional strength. 

River Pools manufactures pool shells through a proprietary process, this process is to bind 6 layers of fiberglass and composite materials together. These 6 layers are: Gelcoat surface layer, Vinyl ester resin for corrosion resistance, chopped fiberglass for strength, hand laid woven roving at stress points, structural comb supports and a chopped fiberglass strength layer. 

Here are some reasons why fiberglass pools are superior. 

  • The fiberglass pool shell mold: All of River Pools molds are made from fiberglass reinforced with steel bars, they apply each layer of the pool shell on top of the mold, which means the pool shells are built from the inside out. 

  • The surface gelcoat: The gelcoat is the finished inside of the pool which is super smooth and durable. All fiberglass pools gelcoats are algae resistant which is a big upside to fiberglass pools that tends to make them much lower maintenance than other pools in the long term. 

  • The resin: Every time River Pools applies chopped fiberglass to a pool shell, they mix it with either vinyl ester resin or polyester resin. Resins add adhesive qualities to fiberglass which makes it bond or stick to itself and to any connected layers in the pool shell. 

  • The quality check: Once all necessary layers are applied to create a durable pool shell, River Pools pops it off the mold and inspects every square inch for any cracks or inconsistencies in the fiberglass. 


Having a one piece pool that is manufactured in a controlled environemnt is ideal for any type of pool. It just so happens that fiberglass pools are the only pools this applies to. For more info to help you decide it a fiberglass pool is the right pool for you check out this other article on the advantages and disadvantages of fiberglass pools.


For more information on how fiberglass pools are manufactured call Pool Pros today @ 920-771-0107.  We are here to help answer any questions you have and provide a comprehensive pool layout/plan that is perfectly tailored to your needs! 

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