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Winter! The Perfect Time to Plan your Pool Project!

Ok…Ok…you might be rolling your eyes at this heading (#NOTclickbait!). However, there is some

real truth to the statement in this title. It takes time, energy and money to invest in a residential

pool project. And there are a multitude of decisions to mull over……Choosing a pool contractor,

designing your poolscape and specifying materials can seem like a lot to undertake. But winter

is actually a great opportunity to plan for next summer! It affords some extra time in research

so the client can ask as many questions as possible about their respective pool project.

Chances are that if you are reading this right now, summer might have slipped away from you

this year. In Wisconsin, that’s pretty typical. It’s spring time, you have big plans… blink

your eyes…..and all of sudden it’s time to rake the leaves.

Well, the good news is that you’re not alone! This is also the case for pool and landscape

contractors in the great state of Wisconsin. Depending on weather, the window for pool

installations is typically limited to April – November. This obviously varies from year to year-

nevertheless, the timeframe for construction is restricted and the schedule is packed with on-

site consultations and contracted installations.

That being said, December – March tends to slow down a bit at Pool Pros, Inc. (…..not a shocking

news development by any means!) Naturally, many people have shifted their focus to the

holidays and few Wisconsinites are thinking about swimming when their backyard resembles a

winter wonderland!

But why not?? Winter is a great time to start planning for an upcoming pool project. Designers

and pool consultants have more availability in their schedules during the off season. This

affords plenty of time to discuss options for pool/landscape design and more time to personally

research all the different facets of your backyard installation. And ultimately, the sooner that

you can finalize all of the project details and contract, the sooner that you will be able to enjoy

your new pool in your very own backyard oasis! Typically, during the spring and fall seasons

there is a rush of clients scheduling consultations – so that they might be first in line for



Here are a few tips and tricks for…. “Wisco Winter Pool Planning” that you can

secure a top spot in next year’s schedule!

Pre-planning- Gathering Site Information before ‘Da Big-Snow:’

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!! This one is pretty straight-forward…It’s a great idea to gather as

many site pictures as possible. Yes! Google Earth is a great resource that is helpful….but

nothing is more useful to a pool consultant or landscape designer than multiple site pictures

from different vantage points.

Once that first blanket of snow hits, there are a lot of site features that are hidden from view. A

thorough documentation of all of existing site features in your front, sides and backyard, will

allow your pool consultant to provide an accurate project bid tailored to your site. Each project

site has unique access considerations. Site pictures will help identify elements such as planting

beds, hardscapes, house/drainage structures, septic/well systems that could affect site access

and material staging (and ultimately the cost of installation).

Fiberglass Pool Marking

In many cases, the existing site grade is a major factor that will determine the final placement

and process in which your pool is constructed. And again, snow complicates the ability for

accurately assessing property grades during a site consultation. So if you are able to take

multiple pictures to help show the existing slope of your yard, it will be invaluable information in

receiving a quick and accurate quote.


Check out this quick video to get to the heart of what information you will need to properly prepare for getting quotes for your fiberglass pool. : POOL PLANNING VIDEO


If you haven't already signed a contract, the winter months are a great time to slow down and do a little extra research in finding a pool contractor that is the perfect fit for your project. Reviews are a vital

resource and first step. Take the time to go over reviews of past this will give you an

intimate view into what it is like working with that particular contractor. Here is a great article to read that is dedicated to specifically this topic: HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT POOL BUILDER


There is a seemingly infinite combination of different material selections to make when

designing and planning for a pool project. It can seem overwhelming, but with a little extra time

for decision-making, you can find material options that fit your style and budget perfectly.

First, you have to decide whether fiberglass, concrete or vinyl liner pool is the best match for

your pool project and if you are unsure use our "POOL TYPE QUIZ" right here to find out!

From there, the pool deck can be constructed of broom finished concrete, pavers, natural

stone or stamp finished concrete. Pool component upgrades might include waterline tile,

automatic pool cover, bullnose coping, water features, lighting components, slides, etc. Each

option comes with an associated benefit and relative cost.

A refined wish list; with an understanding of the general corresponding price will go a long way in planning and preparation for your project. Consequently, the initial proposal and quote that

you receive will more accurately reflect your final vision/expectations.

If you already have a contract in place, it is a good idea to review the selections within your

proposal. Take this time before ground-breaking to ensure that all of your bases are covered.

One of the most common causes of delays in project timelines is eleventh hour change orders.

If you can avoid change orders at the last minute, then undoubtedly your project will go much


For this reason, it is beneficial to double and even triple check your material selections. The

sooner that you can make your pool contractor aware of possible changes, the more prepared

they will be for installation....and the sooner that you can ultimately enjoy your new pool!

Immersive Pool Design using VIP3D software from Structure Studios
VIP3D Pool Design


Along those same lines, it is a great idea to use the winter months to make any final tweaks to

the proposed pool layout and landscape plan. Designers and consultants will have some extra

time in the offseason to review your upcoming project. Long before site prep, it is ideal to know

that your pool will be placed exactly where it fits best on your property. Moreover, this is the

perfect time to ensure the surrounding pool deck, hardscape features and landscape beds (with

new plantings) are situated exactly how you have envisioned.

At Pool Pros, we offer the service of creating a comprehensive and emmersive 3D Pool Project Design using VIP3D Software from Structure Studios. This program allows our in house design team to

illustrate all existing conditions (house, deck, landscaping, etc.) along with the placement of

newly proposed features such as the pool, new plantings, pool deck and any hardscape features.

VIP3D allows designers to showcase different vantage points throughout the landscape to

help give you a realistic perspective of spatial and material aspects of your project. These

features can be quickly adjusted with the software to give clients a visual sense of what different

materials would look like or how much space might be required to accomodate outdoor



Since we are not actively building pools Winter is the best time to take advantage of the additional availability of our designers to truly dial things in for you and not be in a rush as things typically are in the peak of summer. So start your research now to get a jump start on the season and help with a seamless and streamlined project come summer.


For assistance with your potential pool project or to set up a design consultation with our very own award winning in house pool designers call Pool Pros today @ 920-771-0107. We are excited to help you answer all of your questions and provide you with a comprehensive pool layout/plan that is perfectly tailored to your needs! When Quality Counts, Count on Pool Pros!



Green Bay, WI 

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  • This website contains an abundance of information that has been created over the last decade or more. Some of the content on this site may reflect prices, perspectives, processes, entities, and names that were relevant at the time but may not be as relevant today. Consumers should consult a Pool Pros associate for the most accurate and updated information based on the unique conditions of their property. Consumers should verify specifications with the installing Pool Pros rather than relying on the information on this website, which is not intended to be a final specification.

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