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Gathering Site Information for Your Pool Project Site Visit

site consultation
How to gather site info for your pool project site visit

In this day and age everything happens at the speed of lite it seems. Those shopping for a new pool want the same thing, so to expedite the process Pool Pros has develpoed a process to get you swimming as quickly as possible. To do this we need certain information from you prior to meeting with you at your home. Below is an outline of the info we need to help to begin putting your project together.

Plat Map
Plat Map

1). Property Plat Map....Plat maps indicate the legal property boundaries, some general information about the landowner along with street address, parcel number and total acreage. Property plat maps are readily available via local government websites (municipality or county GIS websites).

2). Site Picture (View from the street looking towards the house) show existing entrance to your property via driveway.

3). Site Pictures (View from both sides of the house) show clearance and possible points of access into the backyard.

4). Site Pictures (Multiple views of backyard- where the pool might be placed)....with different angles to show surrounding context of proposed pool location.

5). Project Site Address (if Property Plat Map is not readily available).

Overhead Powerlines
Overhead Powerlines


-Overhead power lines

-Narrow driveway or limited access due to existing trees

-Any steep slopes throughout the project site

-Existing structures, fencing, planting beds, large trees/shrubs that may constrict site access

-On-site infrastructure (septic system tank/mound, drain fields or well systems)

-General location of buried utilities (if already known for project site)

This information will help the respective salesperson/designer get a quick purview of what to expect on your project site. Every property is unique but not every site is feasible for a fiberglass, in-ground pool installation. Oftentimes, a few site pictures can inform a pool consultant if your particular project site will allow for proper equipment access/material staging (without any excessive costs for installation).


The better the information you can provide us the quicker we can provide you with a quote and the quicker we can get you swimming in your new pool.

Do you have questions about your upcoming pool project? Contact Pool Pros today @ (920) 771-0107 to schedule your on-site consultation! We are happy to help guide you through the process of planning, designing and installing your brand new fiberglass pool installation!



Green Bay, WI 

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  • This website contains an abundance of information that has been created over the last decade or more. Some of the content on this site may reflect prices, perspectives, processes, entities, and names that were relevant at the time but may not be as relevant today. Consumers should consult a Pool Pros associate for the most accurate and updated information based on the unique conditions of their property. Consumers should verify specifications with the installing Pool Pros rather than relying on the information on this website, which is not intended to be a final specification.

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