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What does Pool Pros do in the Winter?

Updated: Jan 25, 2023


Work, work, work, and more work. Contrary to popular belief pool business in Wisco is a 24/7/365 day a year job. If we are not out building pools we are prepping for the upcoming season and that is a full time job in and of itself. Our pool building season typically runs from April to December and our "Off Season" runs from December to April. So that gives us about 4 months to focus on doing everything in our power to have a better season than the one before it.

Our employees are performing maintenance and repairs on equipment, evaluating our best practices for areas of improvement, expanding our office space, training on everything pool related and cross training in other fields like hardscaping, general construction, marketing etc. So even though its -20 degrees outside here in the frozen north our technicians are inside nice and warm and working hard in preparation to bring our clients the best and most efficient service possible once spring arrives.


Our equipment takes a beating all summer long so we take the time to clean, grease, change filters, top off fluids, repaint and repair each truck, trailer, skid steer and piece of heavy equipment we own so its safe and ready to operate for a the upcoming season.


We go through extensive training offered by Pentair Pool Products Pool University where we learn how to operate and repair pool pumps, filters, heaters, ultraviolet sanitizers, robotic pool cleaners and more. We also spend time learning about hardscaping through Unilocks online and in person training seminars. Our employees keep up to date on CPR and CPO certifications. We also cross train in general construction practices to better help our employees understand an entire project from start to finish whether we are part of those portions of the project or not. This allows for a more prepared employee and a streamlined project once we arrive on site.


We also research our competitors and colleagues across the country for ideas on how we can improve everything that we do. We research trends in the pool industry to better understand how those trends will impact our business and our clients. We also research new products and technology that may aid our installation process and or improve our clients swimming experience.


We go back through all of our projects for the past year and evaluate what went well, what went bad and what we can do to eliminate the bad and increase to the good. Our goal is to always move forward and always get better, always. Se we dedicate a substantial amount of time to self evaluation each year. Without that introspection there is no way to improve.


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