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Why Fall is the best time to build a swimming pool!

Building a swimming pool in fall
Building a pool in fall

This time of year most quality pool builders have a backlog of pool projects that generally run into fall. Thats a huge bummer, I get it. No one wants to wait that long for their pool to be built, just to see it get winterized before you even get to use it. It almost makes you want to wait until spring right! Wrong! Lets dive into why fall is the best time to build a swimming pool!

As the leaves begin to change and the temperature starts to drop, you might not think of fall as the ideal time to embark on a swimming pool construction project. However, contrary to popular belief, autumn is actually the perfect season to dive into this endeavor. Fall is the best time to build a pool, and it comes with a plethora of benefits that can make the process smoother, more cost-effective, and ultimately more enjoyable. Let's explore why taking the plunge in autumn is a stroke of genius.

Ideal Weather Conditions

One of the primary advantages of building a swimming pool in fall is the favorable weather conditions. With the scorching heat of summer beginning to subside, contractors can work comfortably without the intense heat and humidity that often accompanies construction projects in the warmer months. Additionally, cooler temperatures can prevent materials like concrete from curing too quickly, allowing for better quality and durability in the finished product. Fall is the best time to build a swimming pool. The weather stabilizes and rain is almost non existent. This allows builders to stay on track, get more done in a shorter amount of time and do less damage to your lawn. Spring weather is very unpredictable and the soil is often wet which leads to more damage to your yard and frequent rain delays for spring pool projects.

Potential Cost Savings

Another compelling reason why fall is the best time to build a pool, is the potential for cost savings. Cost savings by purchasing and installing your pool now versus in spring when prices will be higher. Pool builders get annual price increases form vendors, subcontractors, insurance companies, and so on. You can avoid these annual price increases by purchasing your pool now and have it installed in fall. This can save you thousands!


Pools are built on a first come first serve basis. So if you wait until next spring to purchase your pool you will be back in the same predicament you find yourself in right now in regards to scheduling. So don't wait and schedule your fall pool build and enjoy it right away next spring! You may be losing out on swimming this year but your pool will be around for the next 20 plus years for you to enjoy. Just delay the gratifiaction for a a few more months and it will truly be worth it.

Minimal Disruption to Landscaping

Fall is a transitional season when many plants enter a dormant phase. This means that landscaping around your property is less likely to be in full bloom, minimizing the risk of damage or disruption during the construction process. With fewer concerns about disturbing delicate flora, you can proceed with your pool installation without worrying about extensive landscaping repairs or replanting once the project is complete.

Ready for Enjoyment by Next Summer

By starting your swimming pool construction in fall, you're setting yourself up for maximum enjoyment by the time summer rolls around. While it may seem counterintuitive to begin a project associated with warm weather during the cooler months, the timing actually works in your favor. By the time spring arrives and temperatures start to rise, your swimming pool will be ready for use, allowing you to make the most of the upcoming summer season without any delays or last-minute rush.

Moral of the story

Building a swimming pool in fall is a strategic decision that offers numerous benefits for homeowners. From favorable weather conditions to potential cost savings and minimal disruption to landscaping, the advantages are clear. By seizing the opportunity to start your pool construction project in autumn, you can ensure a smooth process and have your pool ready to enjoy by the time summer arrives. So, if you've been considering adding a swimming pool to your property, don't wait—fall is the perfect season to make a splash!


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