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2022 Fiberglass Pool Trends: Smaller Pools

Updated: Feb 27, 2022


I think we can all agree that the start of this decade will be one for the history books. Pure insanity some may say. The pool Industry has been no different. Demand for anything pool-related is at an all-time high. Raw Material shortages plague every industry on a global level. Worker shortages due to shutdowns and people leaving the workforce cause a severe problem as well. Add all this up and it is a perfect storm for price increases. I don't mean just a few percent here and there. It is a consistent 20-40% increase several times per year. Costs for the materials that go into creating a pool are at astronomical levels, and that is if you can even find them.

While fiberglass pools were quite affordable 3 years ago, they are slowly becoming so costly to build that a large section of the market is being priced out of pool ownership. This is not good news for pool builders. To combat the high costs we are seeing a big trend to smaller fiberglass pools.


3 years ago our most popular size fiberglass pool was the 36-40' range. Now we are seeing a lot of 28-32' fiberglass pools being sold just to be able to keep project costs down. To be honest a small pool is not a bad thing either. I have 3 kids right now that would play in a mud puddle if that's all they had. There is a second part to this trend as well. New subdivisions being built across the country are featuring smaller and smaller yards. As developers try to cram as many houses as possible into a small area it has affected the usable space in most yards of these new homes. In some cases, the lots are so small that we cant fit a pool due to the lot size and property setbacks.


While your ego may be screaming for that 40' monster of a pool, you really don't need a pool that big in order to enjoy it. There are many advantages of having a smaller pool even if you can afford a larger one.

-Lower Cost: The smaller the pool the lower the purchase price. This may free up funds for landscaping or other features you may not have thought about adding with a larger pool.

-Less Maintenance: Smaller pool, less water and surface area to keep clean

-Lower Utilities: A smaller pool has less water in it which means you can run your filtration system less to keep that water clean.

-Quick Heat: A smaller pool with less water can be heated much quicker than a bigger deeper pool.

-Less Chemicals: Smaller Pool with less water requires less chemical usage as well.

- Quicker to install: The smaller the pool the quicker it is to install which equals more swim time for you!

At Pool Pros our best-selling pool this season (2022) has been the R32. The River Pools R32 is the best value in all of our pools based on price, usable space in the pool, and installation speed. While there are other awesome models from River Pools available with a lot of bells and whistles, we find that the traditional rectangular R Series outperforms them all. For more info on this pool take a look at our recent review on the River Pools R Series Fiberglass Pool Here

At Pool Pros we listen when our clients tell us prices are getting out of hand. So we have put together a great article with good suggestions to help keep your pool project cost down. Click here to learn how to save on your fiberglass pool project.

However, we didn't stop there either. We put together a new economy package to keep things as affordable as possible while still providing a complete installation with quality filtration equipment. If you are ready to take the plunge into fiberglass pool ownership call Pool Pros today at 920-771-0107.


* Content and photos in this article are the property of Pool Pros. Manufacturers listed in this article are not affiliates and Pool Pros was not compensated for writing this article.



Green Bay, WI 

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