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4 Things to consider when building a fiberglass pool in Door County WI

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Door County Pool
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At Pool Pros we are always trying to make your pool researching efforts as quick and easy as possible. So we compiled a list of the top 4 things to consider when contemplating building a fiberglass pool in Door County.

1: THE INSTALLATION PROCESS: Installing a fiberglass pool in Door County, WI is a bit more involved than a typical pool project. Due to the shallow bedrock throughout most of Door County, most pool projects will require blasting to remove enough bedrock to put a pool in the ground. This requires specialized equipment and surveys to be performed prior to the start of the project. Check out this article on our installation process in Door County to familiarize yourself with Pool Pros Process. Check out this article to help find a Door County Contractor to help with a bedrock removal survey

2: PERMITS: Door County has some of the strictest covenants and codes when it comes to developing properties in the county. This is great for keeping Door County from becoming overdeveloped and losing its charm but it may also prohibit you from building a pool as well. So before you even contact a pool builder we recommend that you check with your local municipality to see if a pool is even possible on your property.

3: SEPTIC SYSTEMS & WELLS: Most of Door County is rural and this means that most homes have a septic system. In order to properly locate your pool, you will need to know where all the components of your septic system are located. You definitely don't want to dig that up! You can contact the county and they will have a record of the original installation which will have a scale drawing of the entire system. This is something we recommend obtaining before you contact a potential pool builder as well.

4: UNDERGROUND UTILITIES: This could really be listed as number 1 because it is very critical as well. Before contacting a pool builder call Diggers Hotline (811) to file a locate request to see determine if your pool site has any underground utilities that may interfere with the placement of your pool.

Once you have all these pre-build items checked off your list, you are finally ready to contact a potential pool builder to go over the details of your project and provide you with personalized pricing. If you have a home in Door County and are ready to take the next step contact Pool Pros today for your personalized project quote. 920-771-0107



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