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The Best Fiberglass Pool Model for Door County WI

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

The R Series Fiberglass Pool by River Pools
The River Pools R Series Fiberglass Pools

This truly boils down to personal preference but to me, the R Series is the best fiberglass pool for Door County Wisconsin. It is a traditional rectangle pool that boasts 6 different sizes to fit any yard in Door County. The R Series is also automatic pool cover ready.

R Series Fiberglass Pool
River Pools R Series Fiberglass Pool

The R Series Pool Features

1. SHALLOW END BENCH SEAT Relax in style with this generous seating area and enjoy a great space for the entire family to relax together. Add optional spa jets for the ultimate therapeutic experience. 2. CASCADING POOL STAIRS The wedding cake style steps of the R Series are specially designed for easy entry and exiting of the pool. 3. TEXTURED POOL STEPS, LEDGE, AND FLOOR With your safety in mind, all R Series pools have hand-crafted, non-skid texture integrated into the surfaces of the ledge, steps, and pool floor. 4. OPEN POOL INTERIOR Want plenty of room to float and play games? The rectangular design of the R Series provides ample room for all of your pool activities. 5. DEEP END BENCH SEATS Want to take a break from the action and hang out with some friends? These seating areas, while tucked away in corners, are properly sized to accommodate multiple people. 6. AUTOMATIC COVER FRIENDLY The rectangular design of the R Series allows cover tracks to be hidden beneath the pool coping, protecting them, and keeping them out of sight.

Now that we have gone through the highlights of the R Series Pool Model we recommend a quick read on how we install fiberglass pools in the Door County Bedrock. If you are looking for a source to survey your property to see if blasting is needed for your project and what that may entail read this blog post to help . Take a quick look at this article as well. .

If you are ready to take the next step toward getting your fiberglass pool, contact Pool Pros today to go over your potential pool project. 920-771-0107.

River Pools R Series Fiberglass Pool
The R Series Fiberglass Pool



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