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Building a Pool in Door County Wisconsin


What is not to love about Door County WI. Door County WI is the ultimate destination if you love water, beaches, relaxation and great food! Its also the perfect climate for an in ground pool. Often times Lake Michigan and the Bay take a while to warm up to be swimmable so why not add a pool to keep you swimming in the mean time. That being said there are a few unique details that have to be considered when looking into building a pool in Door County. Most notably is the Bedrock. In most areas just a few inches under the topsoil is good ole bedrock. There's just no getting around it. However, with a little planning this hurdle can be crossed with no complications.


Below is a photo gallery of a recent fiberglass pool Pool Pros installed on the ledge in Sturgeon Bay WI. The view was amazing during this project and the sound of the crashing waves and seagulls was enough to make us almost fall asleep while eating out lunches.


While in some areas the bedrock is so solid that it has to be blasted, we got pretty lucky with this project and most of the bedrock we encountered was pretty rotten so we were able to remove it with a frost tooth. It still took almost twice as long to excavate the pool but it could have been worse. In some cases we need to use a hydraulic hammer attachment to break the rock up then dig it out. Or in some instances we would need to hire a specialized contractor to blast the stone to the point where we can dig it out with the excavator. In either case as long as this is taken into consideration prior to starting your project you should be in good hands.


Once the bedrock is removed the installation proceeds as any standard fiberglass pool installation would. We install the clean stone base, set the pool, install the plumbing and then fill and backfill. For this project we added natural stone coping from Marmiro Stone which gave the pool a little more character and cooler surface for sitting on.

All in all we love building pools in Door County and have a great system to properly and efficiently install a fiberglass pool in Door County. A new fiberglass pool may just be the ticket to extend your swimming season this year! Take a look at the gallery below to see Pool Pros process. We are Door Counties Fiberglass Pool Installation Specialists. When you are searching for a fiberglass pool builder for your Door County Property call Pool Pros for your site consultation. When Quality Counts Count on Pool Pros.



Green Bay, WI 

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