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Everything You Need to Know About Hand Rails

Hand Rails are very often overlooked during the planning process for a new swimming pool. People tend to think that a hand rail is not needed and look kinda goofy. Its hard to disagree with the goofy looking hand rail idea. No one wants to ruin the look of a beautiful new pool with an ugly hand rail. Welp, now you don't have to. S.R. Smith has come up with a handrail that will add a little character to your pool with its new Artisan Series Hand Rails. No longer are hand rails for the old people or the pools that look weird. A hand rail is very handy. Its a great option to help kids get in an out of the pool or to help you get out out after a vigorous work out swimming laps. For not a lot of money you can have yourself a beautiful hand rail that is both attractive and purposeful.

Modern hand rails are made from various materials from PVC, to Stainless Steel to Aluminum. Hand Rails also come coated to prevent damage from Salt Water Pool and are available with designer finishes to really accentuate it surroundings.


While purchasing a handrail you want to make sure that it will last a long time. Look for a handrail that is made of material that can withstand acute moisture levels without corroding away. Stainless steel is going to be one of best materials for your handrail. It will withstand rough outdoor conditions and it won't fade in the sun or corrode. Pool hand Rails are available in Stainless Steel, PVC and Aluminum.


When choosing your handrail, you should consider who will be using it and what will fit best for getting in or out of the pool. The most commonly used handrails are the three bend and four bend hand rails, these handrails are curved in a loop with one end of the rail attached to the pool deck while the loop end extends over the water.


Pool Hand Rails are typically installed at the time the pool deck is installed. This allows the brass anchors that the hand rail mounts to, to be encsed in the concrete pool deck and tied into the equipotential bonding grid that protects the pool. Pool hand rails can be installed after the pool is installed but it poses a little more difficulty.



Saftron is a realtive new comer in the world of hand rails but they have a great product that is made of PVC. Here is a wrod from Saftron:

SĀFTRON railings are manufactured from a unique and advanced formula of resins, polymer, impact modifiers, stabilizers and ultra-violate light inhibitors formulated to resist the most abusive environments. This unique blend helps to resist the damaging effects of chemicals, salt spray, ultra-violet light and other site conditions. They will never rust, corrode, peel or flake; virtually eliminating maintenance costs.

AVERAGE COST $260.00 for the rail


Custom Hand Rail
S.R,Smith Artisan Series Hand Rail


The Artisan Series Hand Rail is a patented, designer inspired rail that provides an elegant custom look for any pool environment. This is the ideal choice for pool renovation projects, as the Artisan Series Hand Rail easily retrofits into an existing Figure 4 setting.




While pool hand rails used to be an eye sore they have come a long way in recent years and can add a beautiful accent to your new fiberglass pool. With custom colors and unique designs there is a hand rail for every pool project. If you are ready to dive into pool ownership give Pool Pros a call @ 920-771-0107.


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a day ago

For a "pro" writing about "everything you need to know", you missed an important point - positioning of the handrail for different types of steps. For example, if you have crescent-shaped steps, where is is better to place the handrail - to the side or center?


Green Bay, WI 

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