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Fiberglass Pool Manufacturer Review: Leisure Pools

Updated: Jan 27, 2022


  • Founded (years in service): 2000 (21 years)

  • Headquarters: Knoxville, TN

  • U.S. service range: 48+ U.S. states (“we deliver everywhere”)

  • Total authorized U.S. installers: 500+

  • Smallest standalone FG pool model: 6’ x 10’ (Fiji Plunge)

  • Largest standalone FG pool model: 16’ 40’ (various)

  • Price range (standard FG install): $35,000 - $60,000

  • Total number of FG pool models: 66

  • FG pools sold/installed annually (U.S.): 3,000+

No fiberglass pool manufacturer seems to tout its convenience quite like Leisure Pools.

Leisure and Barrier Reef both started in Australia, but the two companies seem to have very little in common beyond their core business models -- at least if their websites are any indication.

Leisure’s website emphasizes the lifestyle benefits of pool ownership. The site also makes a comparatively bigger deal over the lower maintenance costs for fiberglass pools compared to concrete or vinyl liner pools than other pool makers’ home pages.

The sleekness of Leisure’s website extends to its “find a dealer” page, which looks more like it’s highlighting the offices of some fast-growing tech startup than the different franchisees and dealers who sell and install Leisure fiberglass pools. This page boldly promises “we deliver anywhere” by air, land, or sea, and we’d be interested in seeing how far that promise can stretch. Any Alaskan readers feel like getting an inground pool? Leisure might be able to get you one!

Leisure Pools backs its pool shells with a limited lifetime structural warranty and a lifetime “structural osmosis” warranty, as well as a 10-year surface gelcoat warranty. Leisure Pools also touts its use of Kevlar, carbon fiber, and basalt fiber (made from a type of volcanic rock) in its manufacturing process.

Leisure Pools also manufactures fiberglass pools under 2 other names. Imagine Pool which are distributed by Pool Corp throughout the United States. Aviva is the 3rd brand of fiberglass pools manufactured bu Leisure Pools. Leisure Pools has the largest single plant in the United States in their Tenessee Plant it is impressively large, however, Leisure Pools comes a close second to Latham Pool in the total number of fiberglass pool shells sold in the United States.


Leisure Pools also offers a limited lifetime structural warranty and a Lifetime Structural Osmosis Warranty. However, Leisure Pools Warranty is not available online from what we could find.


*Content Provided in part by River Pools and Spa. Leisure Pools not River Pools are affiliates and Pool Pros was not compensated for writing this article. See source link for more info.







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