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Fiberglass Pool Review: The Pearl Fiberglass Pool from Thursday Pools

Pearl Fiberglass Pool - Thursday Pools
Pearl Fiberglass Pool - Thursday Pools


You'll Love This Precious Gem

A tanning ledge is one of the most sought-after features in fiberglass pool designs. You get that plus a wrap-around bench to socialize with friends.

Pearl Fiberglass Pool - Thursday Pools
Pearl Fiberglass Pool - Thursday Pools

12-inch-deep tanning ledge.

Plenty of room for two of your favorite Ledge Loungers and the perfect spot to chill.

Wrap-around benches.

Get your social skills on with a place for some of your best friends to sit and spill the beans.

Non-skid steps and surface.

A little traction always helps when entering and exiting.

Pool Specifications.

The pearl comes in one size. The dimensions are as follows:

15’11″ x 25’ Depth: 3’9″

Size Range

Color Options

Color Options

Hopefully, this gives you a great overview of the Thursday Pools Pearl Fiberglass Pool. Although we don't offer Thursday Pools, please take a look at our River Pools Brand Fiberglass Pools and if you are ready to take the plunge call us at 920-771-0107 today to set up your design consultation.


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Green Bay, WI 

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