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How Long Does It Take to Install a Fiberglass Pool? 


This day and age no one wants to wait for anything am I right? This is especially the case with swimming pools. In Wisconsin we have a relatively short swim season so everyone wants to make the most of it. The best way is to purchase a swimming pool that is relativley quick to install right?! If speed of installation is a huge selling point for you than a fiberglass pool may be just what the dr. ordered. Take a few minutes and read this quick article that breaks down our process of installing a fiberglass pool.


One major advantage of fiberglass pools is that they can be installed within a relatively short timeframe, when compared to concrete and vinyl-liner pools.  This is a benefit to pool contractors and clients alike.  It allows installers to finish more pools per season.  In addition, clients can enjoy their pool sooner, rather than waiting months and months for the construction process to wrap up.  But how long does a fiberglass pool project take, from start to finish? 

Well....the honest answer is “it depends.”  A projected timeframe first and foremost depends on the complexity of the project as well as site context.  If you are looking for a short answer to this question...the typical fiberglass pool installation can take around 2- 4 weeks from start to finish. 


This is where things can get misleading with some fiberglass pool builders. Believe it or not but we can actually have your pool installed in about 3 days but thats only the pool. Thats not a complete project. So when you hear pool builders claiming 3 day installs that is typically a dig, set, fill option with no coping, auto cover, pool deck, fence,etc. Just the bare bones basics. If thats all that you want thats fine too. But to completea pool project from start to finish it can take from 2 to 4 weeks. So be ready to manage your expectations when a builder says it will take 3 days to install your pool. It truly wont.

WHY 2 to 4 WEEKS?

Each project is unique and depending on what type of pool upgrades and landscape features are included within your project, that timeframe could be (potentially) shorter or longer.  For example, pavers take much longer to install than poured-in-place concrete.  So if your upcoming project has a paver pool deck, expect to add at least 1 – 2 weeks to that projected timeline.  Other upgrades that could add time to the installation include bullnose coping, waterline tile, automatic pool covers, waterslides, handrails, water features, lighting, spas, shade structures, hardscaping, retaining walls, site clean up, planting beds and general landscaping.    


Mother Nature:  She’s fickle....and temperamental....and she can throw a wrench in a pool contractor’s schedule like no other!  Wisconsin is notoriously unpredictable when it comes to weather.  Early in the season in Wisco it can be pretty rainy so our schedule can fluctuate quite a bit in spring. By the end of May the weather stabilizes pretty well until we get to the end of September where we get more rain delays and once December hits and we get 4' of frost we shut down for the season.

Existing Site Conditions:  Not all sites are created equal!  Some project sites can be particularly difficult with respect to equipment access or space for material staging (depending on existing features such as slope, existing trees and landscape beds). If we cant get a full size dump truck up to the pool hole it can add days to the project just to get material in and out of the site to complete the pool installation.

Change Orders: Last minute change orders to the approved plan/contract can cause major project delays.  The severity of such delays depends on the availability of pool components (relative to material orders, supply chain issues and shipping).  For this reason, it is ideal to have all aspects and options for the project finalized well in advance of ground-breaking.  Open communication with the designer will help ensure that such delays are completely avoided.   

Excavation of a fiberglass pool
Pool Dig


Below is a general schedule for a basic fiberglass pool project. Keep in mind, this may vary based on weather conditions, site conditions, & complexity of the project,etc.

Pool Pros Finished Fiberglass Pool Project
River Pools R32 Fiberglass Pool in Kaukauna, WI by Pool Pros

Day 1:  Bring equipment/material to project site, general site prep, marking and layout of the pool.

Day 2:  Excavation for pool, haul out of material and installing a 4" thick cleanstone base with geo textile underlayment.

Day 3:  Set pool with crane, plumbing of the pool and installation of pool lights with conduit back to the equipment pad. 

Day 4:  Fill pool with water and match the waterfill with 3/4 “ cleanstone backfill. 

Day 5:  Pour concrete collar and pour equipment pad. 

Day 6:  Install coping, set up heater, pump and filter onto equipment pad and finish plumbing.  

Day 7:  Pour concrete for pool deck.

Day 8:  Strip forms for concrete and final cleaning of the pool along with pool school orientation. 


One major drawback to concrete-gunite pools is that the entire pool has to be constructed, there on site.  It takes a lot of extra time to form re-bar for the structure of the pool itself, spray gunite and complete the finished surface of the pool.  For fiberglass pools, all of these steps are completed well before any site excavation takes place and it results in a much more streamlined process of installation.  With respect to vinyl liner pools, there are many components of the pool walls, steps and liner that have to be assembled there on site, which is a time-consuming process.  This is not the case with fiberglass since the pool shell is one piece that is pre-manufactured at the plant of the pool supplier (and all features such as steps, benches, tanning ledges and walls are all integrated within the construction of the shell itself).

Fiberglass shells are manufactured in plants that provide a controlled setting- and ultimately, this saves a lot of time on-site.  So in effect, as soon as excavation and the gravel base is complete, then the pool is ready to be set!  In addition, several steps such as pre-plumbing, setting fixtures and waterline tile installation can be finished before the shell is shipped to the clients' house.  Obviously, these time-saving measures simply cannot be done with concrete or vinyl liner pools since everything has to be constructed on site.  


Generally speaking, after order and payment is complete, it takes about 6 - 8 weeks to receive the shipment of a fiberglass pool shell.  So as soon as a contract is signed and intial project downpayment received, Pool Pros will immediately submit the order to River Pools to facilitate a timely shipment of the pool shell from River Pools.  Once the pool shell arrives at our shop, pre-plumbing and preparation for the project can begin so that the project is one step closer to completion.  And in the end, you will be able to enjoy your new in-ground fiberglass pool that much sooner!     


If you are looking for the quickest installation of your new pool fiberglass pools may be just the right choice for you. It has never been quicker and easier to get a swimming pool than right now! Don't wait, start your research now and get your contract with your pool builder signed as soon as you are comfortable so you dont lose out on any swim time.


If you are ready to take the next step in pool ownership call Pool Pros today @ 920-771-0107.  We are very excited to help you answer any questions you have and provide a comprehensive pool layout/plan that is perfectly tailored to your needs! When Quality Counts, Count on Pool Pros!



Green Bay, WI 

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