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How to Install a Fiberglass Pool Tanning Ledge the River Pools Way.

Updated: Jan 24, 2022


At Pool Pros we use what is known as the "River Pools Way" for the installation of our fiberglass pools. The River Pools Way is a set of best practices that were established by River Pools a leading fiberglass pool manufacturer and installer for the installation of a fiberglass pool. These best practices have eliminated the installation issues that plagued the fiberglass pool industry in its early years.


The River Pools Way of Installing a pool with an integrated tanning ledge starts with its pier system. Piers made of concrete blocks are leveled underneath the tanning ledge and shimmed into place with asphalt shingles to level the tanning ledge with the rest of the pool.

*Tanning ledges can and will sag so be sure to keep monitoring the height of the tanning ledge until you have completed the entire process.


After the piers are installed and the pool is level the next step is to fill the pool and the tanning ledge. Be sure to fill the entire pool as it is critical to the success of the next step.


Now that the pool is full the next step is to backfill under the tanning ledge with a flowable grout mix that can be pumped in or added directly with a concrete truck shoot. While adding the grout mix keep an eye on the elevation of the tanning ledge. The grout mix can move or push up on the tanning ledge if you don't have sufficient water on top of it. So be sure your pool is full before you start this step. Also, use a watered-down grout mix, don't use a flowable sand mix. We want the finished product to set up hard as concrete. So whatever you don't use a flowable sand mix of any kind for this process.


Now that the grout mix is in place use your laser to double check that the tanning ledge is still at the elevation it needs to be and is level with the rest of the pool.

From here we let the mix set up overnight until we move on to the rest of the build. This should give you a good grasp of the process and help to understand why the D Series costs more and takes a little longer to install than our other fiberglass pool models.


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Green Bay, WI 

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