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How much do fiberglass spas cost?

Raised Fiberglass Hot Tub in Marshfield WI
Raised Fiberglass Spa with Automatic Spa Cover

Fiberglass Spas or Hot Tubs (potato, potahto) are great additions to any yard. However, there are a few keys things to take into consideration before pulling the trigger.

Hot Tub Design: Is your hot tub going to be in the ground completely or raised like the fiberglass hot tub shown above? The answer to this question can change the price considerably.

Accessories: Hot tubs can be tiled just like fiberglass pools. They also can have automatic spa covers like the one above. Lights, handrails, water features, etc are able to be installed on a fiberglass hot tub.

Cost: A standard fiberglass hot tub like the River Pools SS08 costs between $28,000 and $32,000.00 on average. This would be for the hot tub installed in the ground with 6-8 Therapy jets, variable speed pump, heater, light, filter and floating cover.

  • Raising a spa, like the one pictured above, can add $6-$8,000 to the cost pending material selection.

  • Automatic Spa Covers: Auto covers for spas can add another $8-$10,000.00 to the cost.

Lastly, an important consideration in getting a fiberglass hot tub is that most people have their inground spas closed for the coldest months of winter, as they would with a swimming pool. Operating an inground hot tub throughout the coldest winter months in Wisconsin simply is not an economical option for most people. The plumbing is underground and even if you insulated the plumbing you will lose a lot of heat to the ground. Your heating bill would be astronomical if your fiberglass spa is located outside. Indoors is another story.

In Ground Fiberglass Spa on Gulliver Lake MI
In Ground Fiberglass Spa in Schoolcraft County, MI

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