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Scheduling, how we do it

March is here! Unfortunately winter very defiantly still is too. Soon however it will be spring, I hope. Despite the subzero temperatures, the pace of our calls is creeping up. So I thought this was the perfect time to go over our scheduling practices.

Our scheduling is based on a first come first served basis. For openings and closing we reserve your spot on our schedule only after we have received full payment and a signed contract. All other services are scheduled after we have received a 50% deposit and signed contract.

Copies of some of these forms can be found on the Pool Pros website:

We try our very best to keep everything on schedule as much as possible, however, in the backyard industry we are always at the mercy of Mother Nature. Should something need to be rescheduled, do to inclement weather, you will still maintain your spot on our list. We keep our work lined up in the same order. Unfortunately, this might mean we have to reschedule your service. You will however always be serviced before anyone who booked after you.

Here is an example: Let’s say it rained all day Monday and Tuesday. You have an above ground swimming install is scheduled for Friday; the forecast for Friday looks beautiful. Tuesday you look outside at the downpour, and you think to yourself, “Good thing my pool is scheduled for Friday.” Then the phone rings and it’s Pool Pros, they have to reschedule your pool install from Friday to the following Monday, due to weather. You say “but Friday’s weather is going to be perfect?!” Unfortunately, there were pools that didn’t get built Monday and Tuesday so we are behind. We do our best to catch up as soon as possible, but inevitably everyone that week gets pushed back, but you still maintain your place on our work list.

Pool Pros Awards of Excellence

Note: It is at this point that some customers are tempted to do a quick Google search to find someone else who can get there right away and build their pool on Friday. I strongly caution you against this. There is a reason that our schedule is booked and they are free at a moment’s notice….

Sometimes, especially in the spring when we get lots of rain, you might get calls rescheduling a couple times. We absolutely hate doing this. Sometimes it just can’t be avoided. We understand that you want to be swimming as soon as possible, and rescheduling is frustrating. We ask for your patience. Believe it or not, we hate rescheduling more than you do. If we are not outside working we are not making any money.

Pool Pros Recommendation:

Book your swimming pool build or service as soon as possible. Please don’t be discouraged if we have to reschedule due to weather. Rest assured, if you were the first to book, you will be the first to be serviced.

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