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The President of the United States Pool!

Updated: Mar 16

Corn Pop's Pool
The Presidents Pool

The Presidents Seal
The Presidential Seal of the United States of America

To have the President of the United States hire you to build his pool is a massive honor regardless of your political affiliation. From the research that we have done River Pools is the only Fiberglass Pool Manufacturer to have one of their pools installed for a President of the United States!

That is pretty amazing. The crew at Clean Cut Pavers installed a River Pools Greco 36 Model Fiberglass Pool @ Joe Bidens home @ 32 Fairview Rd in Rehoboth Beach Delaware.

Love him or hate him that's a pretty cool honor. President Biden's fiberglass pool project was featured in River Pools episode of 2 minutes in the pool about flexible pvc vs rigid pvc pool plumbing?

Just a stones throw from the Atlantic Ocean lies the vacation home of the 46th President of the United States of America. The Big Guy, Sleepy Joe, 46, Joe, President Biden. Whatever you like to call him this sounds like quite an amazing project. This pool project includes a recently added $455,000.00 security fence. Joe Biden's property was purchased in 2017 for an estimated 2.7 Million Dollars.

While the Greco Model Fiberglass Pool from River Pools is no longer available it has a great replacement in the R Series Fiberglass Pool. Both pools are very similar and offer a large amount of usable swim space in the pool. Check out this dry tour of the Greco Fiberglass Pool by Jason Hughes.

For a quick glimpse of the Big Guys pool check out this episode of 2 Minutes in the Pool by River Pools.

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