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The Top 3 Fiberglass Pool Upgrades for 2022

The top 3 fiberglass pool upgrades you can add to take your pool project from ordinary to extraordinary without breaking the bank.


This really makes a big difference and can take a basic-looking pool from ordinary to extraordinary for around $5,000.00 or more based on the size of your pool and type of tile. This can take your fiberglass pool from looking like a bathtub to looking like a high-end swimming pool for not a very large investment.


Lighted Bubblers are a hot pool accessory right now, especially for pools with trendy tanning ledges. Laminars, deck jets, and The Pentair Magic Bowls that are featured on the pool in the video below are great options to add a little something extra to your fiberglass pool project.


This was tough because I think coping should be ranked ahead of the Water Feature but there is just something a little more dramatic about a water feature that ranks it just a hair ahead of pool coping. Whether you choose concrete or natural stone coping, nothing classes up a pool quite like coping. Don't get me wrong standard cantilevered concrete is great and 90% of our pools have this as the option for their pool. However, if you are looking to separate your pool from the pack adding coping stones is the ticket. Pool Coping typically ranges from $5,000 to $9,000.00 based on the size, type, color and amount needed for your project. As pricing has been pretty volatile over the past few years these numbers may not reflect the actual cost at the time you are reading this but it should give you a rough idea of what to expect. The Unilock Brussels Fullnose Coping Stone is a great option for a smooth rounded profile finish to the top inside edge of your pool. If you are looking for a knife-edge stone finish the UniLock Ledgestone is a great alternative as well. There are several great coping options that you can go over with your pool designer during the design phase of your project.

If you are ready to take the plunge into fiberglass pool ownership call Pool Pros today for your design consultation. 920-771-0107.



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