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Top 5 Fiberglass Pool Problems and Solutions

Fiberglass Pool Problems and Solutions
Top 5 Fiberglass Pool Problems and Solutions

Today we are going to give you the top 5 problems with fiberglass pools and their solutions as well.


If a fiberglass pool requires a repair on a bright colored finish it could be difficult to get the colors to match. That is because some manufacturers choose to apply the finish layer in a multiple layer finish. This means there is a base color, then a secondary color or shimmer then a clear coat. This is difficult to repair and give that factory finish look.


The alternative and the solution is to use a solid surface gelcaot surface and to apply the gelcoat using a set of best practices like River Pools Cross Lynx Composite Technology.


Spider cracks in the gel coat can occur for a number of different reasons. If a pool is not handled properly if the gelcoat is not applied using a set of best practices, improper installation resulting in too much stress on the pool.


Careful handling of the pool shell and proper installation


This can happen for one reason only and that is if sand is used as a backfill material. What happens with sand is that once it gets introduced to groundwater it liquifies, it shifts position, it shifts the pools, and puts undue pressure on the outside of that pool pushing the wall or floor in causing a bulge. Also uneven backfilling can cause a pool wall to bulge as well.


The Solution to this problem is the River Pools Way of installing fiberglass pools which calls for the use of 3/4" clean stone for the base and as the backfill which does not shift position or move when introduced to ground water. Also during the backfill process, the pool must be filled with water at an equal rate to the backfill so as to keep the pool wall nice and straight, preventing bulges.


Fading and discoloration can happen for a few reasons. If best practices are not used and the highest grade materials or not used that Gelcoat surface could breakdown prematurely. If proper maintenance is not taken as well, could lead to fading and discoloration.


Choose a high-quality manufacturer using best practices such as cross lynx composite technology and be sure to perform weekly maintenance and proper water balance.


This can happen because the backfill material settles and when it settles it drags the plumbing down with it. The pressure on the plumbing will create stress at the point where it attaches to the pool. The return fitting.


Make sure your pool is installed using the River Pools Way Installation that requires clean stone backfill and straps to support your plumbing to eliminate settling and stress on the plumbing resulting in no leaks.

Lets check in with Cristian at the River Pools Outdoor Showroom for a quick video on the Top 5 Fiberlgass Pool Problems and Solutions

If you are ready to "Catch the Wave" like we did, call Pool Pros today at 920-771-0107 or email us at or check out our fiberglass pool models here!

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Fiberglass pools have gained popularity due to their durability, smooth finish, and relatively easy installation process. However, like any other pool type, they are not without their unique set of challenges. Always contact Pool Renovation experts to fix all types of issues related to fiberglass pools at affordable charges.

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