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The Best New Fiberglass Pool Models for 2021

Updated: Jan 12

The X36 Fiberglass Pool from River Pools

2020 was a year to remember for some and a year to forget for others. Due to an insane level of demand in 2020, most fiberglass pool manufacturers could not keep up with production, let alone design and bring into production any new models. I confirmed this fact after spending the afternoon polling all of the major fiberglass pool manufacturers. For the time being it appears that nothing new will be hitting the market in the fiberglass pool world except for a model from River Pools, a funky new model from San Juan along with modifications to existing models by San Juan Pools. That being said, 2020 featured a lot of great new releases, so let's take a look back at the latest new models for 2020 and the lone release for 2021.


The latest addition to the Sun Pool product line is the Tropic Fiberglass Pool. This model is 16' wide by 42' long. It features a large tanning ledge with walkout steps and a large seating bench in the shallow end. There is also a full-width seating ledge in the deep end. There is plenty of room to swim and relax in this oversized fiberglass pool.


The latest new mold developed by Imagine Pools is the Exquisite fiberglass pool. This pool features convenient entry and exit steps, a full-length swimming channel for fun or exercise, a full-length seating area, the ability to install custom therapy jets for therapeutic comfort and a tanning ledge in the shallow end corner. This pool is available in 3 different sizes 16'x40', 16'x35', and 16'x30.


Barrier Reef's newest release is the Bondi 40. Named after a popular beach in Sydney Australia, this pool features a full-width tanning ledge and entry steps into the pool. The Bondi also features two generous deep end seating benches and entry/exit points. The Bondi is available in the 40' & 35' length.


The latest addition to the Leisure Fiberglass Pool line is the Summit model. The Summit™ provides both style and comfort. It offers a great depth variety to appeal to all levels of swimmers. Deep end seats and entry and exit steps provide an area for rest & relaxation within the pool. The width allows for more suburban settings and more landscape accommodations. Safety ledge encourages confidence and provides a rest area for kids and less experienced swimmers while also providing additional pool frame strength.

The Summit is available in 2 sizes: 14' x 35 & 14 x 30.


Thursdays' newest models feature the alluring "Beach Entry" with The Grace & Sandal fiberglass pools.


Latham has a few new models coming out this season. The Stargaze and Corinthian models are both being released in 2020. The Stargaze will be available in September and The Corinthian will be available in May 2020. The Corinthian is a rectangular pool that features a generous full-width tanning ledge and steps into the pool. It also offers seating benches in each deep end corner.


San Juan's newest release is the Daytona Beach Series. San Juan Pools took the Stardust Model and added a large round tanning ledge to add to its 2019 release of the Great Lakes fiberglass pool that features a tanning ledge as well. The Daytona Beach, South Beach, Clearwater Beach, and Huntington Beach all have the same design yet slightly different sizes. San Juan also upgraded the Caesars Palace model to feature an incorporated tanning ledge behind the spa. San Juan also extended the tanning ledges on the Great Lakes Series of pools. San Juan also came up with a funky new pool/spa/splash pad for 2021. The model name is yet to be released but it has the ability to feature a clear acrylic panel on one end which makes it a perfect application for a rooftop setting. San Juan also now offers custom fiberglass palm trees to accessorize any pool project. This adds to San Juan's already impressive selection of over 100 fiberglass models.


New for 2021 River Pools is unleashing the X36 Fiberglass pool-spa combo. The first pool actually just came off the mold a few days ago. This pool features all of the options that pool owners have been looking for. An ample tanning ledge for relaxing a spacious hot tub to get your soak on and a large uninterrupted swimming area. All packed into a 36' pool.

1. INTEGRATED SPA WITH SPILLWAY-X The integrated spa provides a faster installation process with a seamless aesthetic.

2. TANNING LEDGE - X Designed for relaxation. Lie back in a submerged lounger or entertain the younger crowd in shallow waters.

3. EASY ENTRY STEPS - X Textured with a non-skid finish. They’re designed for those not yelling “cannonball” as they enter.

4. AUTO-COVER READY - X You mean I can cover my pool and spa in seconds with the flip of a switch...Uhhhh, yep!

5. SPACIOUS INTERIOR & BENCH SEATING - X Plenty of room for an epic game of Marco Polo...or...sitting and discussing the latest. Perhaps a bit of both?


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