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Great Door County Restaurants

Updated: Mar 16, 2023


I know, I know, why does a Pool Company have articles about restaurants in Door County. It just doesn't make sense. Pools and Food? Where's the connection? The connection is that all of us at Pool Pros love building pools in Door County and vacationing there when we have the chance. So why not share this beautiful hidden gem with everyone.


Door County is a unique gem that can't be found anywhere else in the Midwest! Its old school charm and maritime theme has been preserved intentionally by very forward thinking developers for decades. Door County has not changed much since the 1960's. You won't find any kwik trips, wal marts, or menards stores north of Sturgeon Bay WI and that is on purpose. The old school charm and countless miles of waterfront views of Lake Michigan is what draws tens of thousand of visitors from allover the country and the world each season.

Door County is the ultimate destination to find the perfect spot to relax and unwind or to enjoy some of the best food on the planet! Since I am a big food lover and have found some of the best restaurants located right here in Door County I felt the need to share. If you are headed to Door County anytime soon, stop in and check these out, you wont be disappointed. Here they are in no particular order.

Birminghams Bar and Cottages:

Location: Sturgeon Bay WI

This classic Wisconsin Dive Bar has some of the best pan fried perch around. Drop in to grab a plate but make sure you get there early. This place gets packed by 5:00pm and it doesnt slow down until around 8:00 pm.

Kitty O Reilly's

Location: Sturgeon Bay WI

This quaint Irish Theme bar has an excellent outdoor patio for summer. They have some of the best Irish Food around and great atmosphere to match it.


Location: Fish Creek, WI

Barringers formerly known as the Summertime

Restaurant, has updated its building and added an outdoor patio for summertime dinning. The food is top notch and the atmosphere is definitely not that

of a dive bar. This 100 plus year old building has had a major interior facelift from when it was the summer time. This is an upscale restaurant with fine dinning. The food just cant be beat.

The Bayside Tavern

Location: Fish Creek WI

The Bayside Tavern has the blended feel of a dive bar and classic Wisconsin Supper Club. The Bayside is renowned for its chili. You can't go wrong getting a bowl of chili and a burger at the Bayside. If you prefer very potent alcohol based coffee drinks then the bayside coffee may be just for you. This coffee is so potent they lite it on fire for you! Trust me when I say that 1 of these drinks is enough to last you all day or night.

Caseys Barbeque

Location: Egg Harbor

The BBQ Lovers dream! Everything here is smoked. The second you step foot past the brass pig on the porch of this place you start to get eh meat sweats. If you love meat or anything smoked stopping for Lunch or Dinner at Caseys is a must.


Location: Fish Creek WI


Skaliwags has some of the best food in Door County bar none. The food is simple but out of this world. If you have the chance

stop in and check out Chef Chris. This guy is amazing.


Location: Sister Bay WI

Al Johnsons is a family friendly swedish themed restaurant that is famous for their breakfasts, goats on the roof

and their own youtube channel where you can learn how

they make their famous pancakes and other

Swedish meals.

The White Gull Inn

If you have never seen a true fish boil you are missing out. There is no better fish boil in Door County than the fish boil at the White Gull Inn. This is an old Scandinavian tradition and is something you surely need to take in while visiting Door County. Check out this great video below.



Green Bay, WI 

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