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How 2 Minutes In The Pool Changed How Fiberglass Pools are Sold

2 Minutes/120 seconds are gone in the blink of an eye. Who would think that 2 minutes can completely revolutionize an industry? Well, believe it or not, 2 Minutes has transformed pool shopping and selling for the better. How is this possible you might ask? Well, let's dive into what 2 Minutes in the pool is and why it is the most underrated video series in the pool industry.


2 Minutes in the Pool is a Youtube Video Series from River Pools that is the brainchild of Cristian Shirilla. The Video Series is a branch of River Pools and Spas implementation of Marcus Sheridans, "They Ask, You Answer" Philosophy. The Series focuses on answering the most frequently asked question about everything fiberglass pools. 2 Minutes in the Pool Covers everything from Installation Practices, Manufacturing Practices, Pros and Cons, Pricing, and more. There are 66 videos in the 2 Minutes in the Pool Series covering topics from "How Much Patio Space Do I Need" to "Gunite VS Shotcrete: What's The Difference"


2 Minutes in the pool is not only great but revolutionary. The reason is 2 fold. It not only is helpful for potential pool owners by unbiasedly educating them on everything fiberglass pool-related, but it is priceless to the independent fiberglass pool contractor as well. We will break it down further here.


I read a quote somewhere once that said "the best consumer is an educated one" and "Knowledge is Power". That couldn't be more true when it comes to fiberglass pools. When shopping for big-ticket items or really anything these days where do people go? Google! Well, about 15 years ago when you Googled Fiberglass Pools all you got was a list of manufacturers and dealers. There was nothing else. Then you had to call around and hope the dealer you called could answer your questions. Back then most didn't or couldn't. This lead to a pool shopper that did not know much about fiberglass pools. This wasn't good for consumer confidence. There was no shared knowledge, no one to turn to. Combined with the market crash of 08 and things for fiberglass pool builders were looking bleak. That was until the crew at River Pools spearheaded by Marcus Sheridan realized that knowledge and education were the key to consumer confidence in fiberglass pools and ultimately success as a pool builder. And boy were they right! This philosophy helped give fiberglass pool shoppers a more realistic expectation on the cost of a project and the pros and cons associated with Gunite, Vinyl, and Fiberglass Pools. By sharing their knowledge and experience River Pools was giving the power back to the pool shopper to decide what type of pool was right for them. This philosophy took off like gangbusters. It eventually spawned the video series 2 Minutes in the pool where mild-mannered Cristian Shirilla tackled the most common questions pool shoppers asked in a 2-minute segment. Cristian's light-hearted and relatable style really resonates with pool consumers. The outtakes are some of my favorites. 2 Minutes in the Pool is now the most-watched pool-related series on the internet. This short and sweet video series helped provide answers to the most relevant questions about fiberglass pools in the shortest time possible. Because, really, who has time to watch videos these days. Shoppers want answers now, not in 10 minutes and especially not after a 2-hour sales meeting with a pool salesperson. Which is why I have probably lost 70 percent of readers already! Google's web crawlers are watching so I will continue anyway. Anywho, the pool shoppers that take advantage of these videos are the most educated shoppers out there and have 70% of the work done by the time they meet with their local pool builder. #PowerToThePeople


I remember in the "old days" when there was nothing on the internet about fiberglass pools. Sales appointments typically took several hours of teaching each pool shopper about all of the facets of fiberglass pool ownership because consumers knew very little if anything about them. Flash forward to 2021 and most sales appointments can be wrapped up in a matter of minutes due to the educational material available to pool consumers from River Pools. This series is priceless for fiberglass pool builders regardless of the brands they sell. I remember using River Pools Videos to sell Fiberglass Pools when we were offering San Juan Fiberglass Pools. It may seem strange but the content helps promote the fiberglass pool industry as a whole and doesn't promote the River Pools brand. Which lends even more credibility to their cause and was part of the reason we made the shift to sell River Pools. Prior to this series no other fiberglass pool manufacturer had done anything to promote fiberglass pools and or educate consumers. Currently, Thursday Pools is the only other manufacturer doing anything to promote things. The efforts by River Pools have made the selling process much easier by providing dealers with pre-educated/ prequalified consumers. This has allowed for a more streamlined sales process and greatly increased efficiencies that lead to more pools being sold and installed throughout the country and in spite of the brand.


As you can see 2 Minutes in the Pool has done wonders for the pool industry and more specifically the fiberglass pool portion. To me, the best part of the series is that it is unbiased and not brand specific. It has helped consumers make the best decision possible related to purchasing a pool and it has made it easier for pool builders to connect with potential pool owners in a more efficient manner. It's a win-win for everyone and all the thanks go to Cristian and the Crew at River Pools. Be sure to check them out, even if you are not in the market for a fiberglass pool. #CatchTheWave



Green Bay, WI 

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