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How to keep the cost of our fiberglass pool project down.

Another great question we are asked frequently. There are quite a few things you can do to keep the cost of your project down and I will break it down for you here.

1: Minimize Decking - The trick is to have enough usable patio space for you to enjoy your pool pool but not too much that you have areas that are basically unused. We always recomend keeping more decking closer to the house side of the project. Typically we like to have enough space for several lounge chairs and table with chairs. The one area we can cut back on the amount of decking in most cases would be on the far side of the pool away from the house and also on the deep end of the pool. If you can keep those two areas to a 3' walkway that is the norm. We can even go as little as 1' in some cases.

2: Choose Broom Finished Cantilevered Concrete - Broom finished concrete is a great finish for around a fiberglass pool. It has enough texture to provide grip when wet and it is the most popular and economical option for pool decking. Close to 85% of the pools that we build have a traditional broom finished cantilevered concrete pool deck. Broom finished concrete can cost anywhere from $8.00-$9.00 per square foot.

3: Pool Tile - While Pool Tile looks great and adds a more finished touch to your pool it is not necessary. The fiberglass shell is just fine with no pool tile and is still very easy to clean. This can save you in aroudn $3,500 and up based on the size and model of fiberglass pool.

4: Haul out of excavated material - By choosing to leave the spoils from the pool excavation on site you can save yourself around $400-$900.00 based on the size of the pool. Keep in mind that you wilk have a huge pile of dirt to contend with and will need some type of machinery to make efficient work moving it out of the pool site.

5: Fencing- If you are a handy person doing your own fencing is a great way to save several hundred dollars on a project. All major box stores have several varieties of quality fenincg kits available for a d.i.y install.

6: Pool Heater - You can cut costs by opting out of a pool heater. This will save you about $2,500- $4,500.00 initially for the heater. Then there will be the savings on not needing a gas line run which can be anywhere from $900-$2,000.00 dollars as well. The down side is your pool will be cold until the end of June and early July and will begin cooling back off in early September. So it will limit your swimming season. To be honest we have never installed an in ground pool without a pool heater. It really is not recomended but if it has to be done it is abother option to help keep the cost of your fiberglass pool project down.

7: Landscaping - Minimize landscaping around your pool. It is amazing what can be done with very few plants, some nice patio furniture and a few well placed landscape lights. You dont need to break the bank on ladscpaing to have a great looking pool. Think outside of the box for ways you can save and perform some of the work yourself. The results can be amazing.

8: Project Phasing- This is a great option for a fiberglass pool project if you do not have the resources to do everything you want to your poo project right away. The first step is to come up with a master plan/design for your project. Next you will need to figure out what can be done now and what can be done later without destroying what you have already done. This will take close coordination with your pool builder and your landscaper. The key is to avoid doing things twice, like tearing up and resseding the lawn several times or removing and replacing pieces of landscaping. Phasing a project can be a great way to save. You may also find out that you can get by with less and still love your project as is. Not every pool needs to be a six figure project to provide years of enjoyment.

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