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Important things to consider when building a fiberglass pool in Howard and Suamico WI.

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Sandy Fiberglass Pool Installation
FIberglass Pool Installation in a Sandy Suamico backyard

Installation fo a fiberglass pool in sand
Pool Base fabric for a fiberglass pool installed in sand

For the most part fiberglass pool installations in Suamico and Howard are basically the same as our standard installation process however once we get into the northern and eastern Howard area and most of Suamico we run into sand as the predominant soil type

Sand is not bad but it poses a few unique challenges. Sand does not have the cohesiveness of clay so once the pool is dug the chances of cave-ins are much more likely.

With a fiberglass pool installed in a sandy region like Howard and Suamico, we use a geogrid fabric under the pool that separates the sand sub-base from the 3/4" clean stone base that we set the pool on. This fabric prevents the gravel base from infiltrating into the sand sub base and results in a more solid process.

The added cost for the fabric and time to install it is minimal in regards to the overall cost of the project but something we now use on all of our builds in sandy areas like Howard, Suamico, Little Suamico, Oconto, and parts of Ashwaubenon, WI.

For more info on our installation process check out this quick video from River Pools and our other recent posts.


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