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Leisure Fiberglass Pools: How it's made

Updated: Jan 27, 2022


Leisure Pools does a great job breaking down the manufacturing schedule of their pools and the ingredients used in the process of manufacturing the Leisure Fiberglass Pools. The video is a little lengthy at 12 plus minutes but it is worth the watch.

KEY POINTS: Leisure Pools claims it uses Vinyl Ester Resin throughout the entire build schedule of their pools. Leisure Pools also uses Kevlar, Cabon Fiber, and Basalt as a key component of the Leisure Pools Composite Armor Technology.

Notice the Gelcoat technician walking on the pool mold in the pic to the right? Hmm?


The video and the images of the article are the property of Leisure Pools. Leisure Pools is not an affiliate and Pool Pros was not compensated for writing this article. Content for this article is provided in part by Leisure Pools website. For more information use the source link below.




Green Bay, WI 

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