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Fiberglass Pool Manufacturer Review: Barrier Reef Pools

Barrier Reef Pools
Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools


  • Founded (years in service): 25+ years

  • Headquarters: Timmonsville, SC

  • U.S. service range: 23 U.S. states (primarily Midwest / Southeast)

  • Total authorized U.S. installers: 84

  • Smallest standalone FG pool model: 8’6” x 17’ (Outback Escape)

  • Largest standalone FG pool model: 16’ 40’ (Whitsunday)

  • Price range (standard FG install): $45,000 - $85,000

  • Total number of FG pool models: 19

  • FG pools sold/installed annually (U.S.): UNKNOWN

As their name might indicate, Barrier Reef Pools got its start Down Under before expanding to the United States and Canada.

Today, the company has a dealer and distribution network spanning 23 U.S. states, utilizing over 80 featured dealers and/or installers. Despite its reach, Barrier Reef keeps some information close to the vest, so we weren’t able to determine how many pools the company manufactures and installs each year.

Barrier Reef focuses on a smaller number of fiberglass pool models than many other manufacturers -- only 19 models are listed on its website, and at least one of those may be a spa add-on rather than a standalone swimming pool.

The company also has a smaller dealer network than most other large fiberglass pool manufacturers, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We’re pretty selective about our dealer and installer network here at River Pools, too.

Barrier Reef’s pool shells are backed by a limited lifetime structural warranty and a 15-year gelcoat surface warranty.


Barrier Reef Pools also offers a limited lifetime structural warranty and a 15-year surface warranty. Barrier Reef Pools Limited Lifetime Warranty in a PDF File for your viewing pleasure.

Barrier Reef Pool Warranty
Download PDF • 204KB

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