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Vinyl Liner Pool
Vinyl Lined In Ground Pool in Suamico WI

Let's eliminate the fluff of this article and just get after it. Here are the straightforward Pros and Cons of Vinyl Lined Pools


1: Least expensive option for in-ground pools typically around $30k for a small pool.

2: Limitless shapes. If you can dream it it can be built.

3: Installation completion within 3-4 weeks

4: Leaks can typically be patched with underwater patches. The hard part is finding it!


1: Has a vinyl liner, which will leak. It's not if, it's when.

2: Liner leaks are not covered by the manufacturer unless it is a seam failure. Then the coverage is prorated and does not cover the loss of water and chemicals. Seam failure is not very common.

3: Galvanized panels rust over time.

4: Saltwater pools eat way at steel panels of vinyl pools

5: Hundreds of pieces of the pool to potentially fail

6: Traditional vinyl lined pool coping does not look appealing.

7: Built-in white plastic steps are not appealing and are potential leak point

8: Liner over steps are definite leak points as the liner wears out prematurely because of foot traffic

9: Has a higher long term cost of ownership than most anticipate.

10: Needs line to be replaced every 5-10 years at a cost of approximately $7,000.00

If you are ready to take the plunge into pool ownership contact Pool Pros today for your fiberglass pool quote. 920-771-0101


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