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Swimming Pool Excavation: 4 Things You May Not Think To Ask

Pool Excavation: 4 Things you may not thought of to ask

1: What if you hit rock during the excavation?

A: You can fill the hole back in and just pay the contractor for his time.

B: Raise the level of the pool to stay above the rock

C: Blast or Jack Hammer the rock away

D: Relocate the pool

All of these options have their pros and cons. All will lead to addtional costs

2: How much dirt will come out of the hole?

A: A lot more than you can imagine. In most cases it is too much to leave on site to deal with unless you have some acreage to spread it out over.

3: What is going to happen to my property during the excavation?

A: Real answer, it is going to be a mess.

4: Can I save money by digging the pool myself?

A: The answer is no, it will often cost you more in the end to have it dug yourself.

Watch this quick video as Cristian goes into better detail.

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