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The Hottest Tanning Ledge Fiberglass Pools for 2023

Tanning Ledge Pools are arguably the hottest trend in not only fiberglass pools but all pool types. So to help showcase the Tanning Ledge Pool we have put together the hottest list of Fiberglass Pools with Tanning Ledges by the major American Fiberglass Pool Manufacturers. Lets get to it. In no particular order are some pretty amazing tanning ledge fiberglass pools.


River Pools D Series - This pool has several pools with tanning ledges, however none is more popular than the D Series. The D Series features a large full width tanning ledge with ample space for Ledge Loungers and bubblers.

View the D Series Fiberglass Pool here:

The Aspen Fiberglass Pool from Thursday Pools
Thursday Pools Aspen Fiberglass Pool with Tanning Ledge


The Aspen Fiberglass Pool. A word from Thursday Pools. If basking in the sun is your thing, you’ll dig this tanning ledge. It provides room for a couple of ledge loungers, while leaving plenty of space for swimmers to enter and exit the pool. Plus, depending on your water level, you’ll be able to cool off in six to eight inches of water while soaking up the sun.

View the Aspen Fiberglass Pool here:


The Corinthian Fiberglass Pool from Latham Pools. A word form Latham Pools. When considering the Corinthian design, think simplicity, refinement and functionality. The perfect pool to soak up the sun all day long.

View the Corinthian Fiberglass Pool here:


The San Juan Pools Great Lakes Fiberglass Pool - A word from San Juan Pools: This gorgeous piece of real estate combines the award winning characteristics of the Great Lakes Pool with the growing demand of a Beach Entry design. Our clients can now hop in, swim around and have a wide swimming basin with a very large tanning ledge to soak up some rays or read a book.

View the Great Lakes Fiberglass Pool here:


Leisure Pools Pinnacle Fiberglass Pool - A word from Leisure Pools: True to its name, this has become one of our most popular in ground fiberglass pool designs. The most outstanding feature is its full-width splash pad that allows for placement of lounge chairs on it, the use of bubblers and of course for children and family pets to stand in and enjoy the coolness of the water.

View the Pinnacle Fiberglass Pool Here:


The Imagine Illusion Fiberglass Pool : A word form Imagine - Our most popular pool due to its full-width splash pad at the front of the pool that ends with a stylish step design into a waiting swimming pool. The splash pad area is a little deeper making it perfect for lounge chairs and a small table while others enjoy a swim that can descend to a full seven feet on the 40 foot long edition.

View the Illusion Fiberglass Pool here:


The Outback Lounger Fiberglass Pool - A word from Barrier Reef - The Outback fiberglass pool is one of our most popular models because of its rectangular design and versatile features. We have three models, and the Outback comes in one of seven different color options. The newest addition to the Outback lineup is the Outback Lounger. The traditional Outback model line includes the 30- and 23-foot versions. The Outback Lounger, which features a lounging ledge, comes in one size, 30-foot.

View the Outback Lounger Fiberglass Pool here:


The Tropic Fiberglass Pool - A Word from Sun Pools - The Tropic model is our top selling large pool. The design is one of the largest one-piece fiberglass pools available on the market today. Our customers wanted a large family sized pool with lots of interior room, bench seating and our popular walk around safety ledge. The Tropic delivers all these features and more! This design features a 5 ’x 12’ tanning island with (3) built in water bubbler’s, a wrap-around deep-end seat and large shallow end steps. Play all day in the Tropic’s 3’-6’- water depth and comfortable nonskid pool bottom. All Sun Pools fiberglass shells are hand crafted using our critical point lamination system, delivering the toughest pools on the market. This model is also designed for an easily installed auto cover.

View the Tropic Fiberglass Pool Here:

As you can see there are some beautiful fiberglass pool models available to choose from. To dig deeper on the fiberglass pools with tanning ledges take a look at these related article.


* Content in this article provided by River Pools, Thursday Pools, San Juan Pools, Leisure Pools, Sun Pools Berrier Reef Pools & Imagine Pools

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