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The Top Fiberglass Pool Builders in the United States

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Being the top fiberglass pool builder takes grit, determination, staying power and commitment to quality. These fiberglass pool builders have been at the top of the fiberglass pool world since fiberglass pools weren't even cool! If these guys are in your area and you are pool shopping I would strongly recommend giving them a call. In no particular order is a list of the top fiberglass pools builders in the United States.


Jamie from the Albert Group has been around for what seems like forever. His team provides a turnkey project including the pool and its landscaping. You may have seen Jamie on the Albert Group YouTube Channel where they have established a solid series of videos from testimonials to step by step installation guides to finished project walk through. the Albert Group is a Leisure Fiberglass Pool Dealer and has received numerous Industry Awards for their projects. Check out the Albert Group @ the links below.


Signature Pools has been pimping out Chicagoland Pool Owners back yards for years. Check out Signature Pools @ the links below. One thing unique to Signature Pool is that they are not exclusive to any fiberglass pool manufacturer. They have installed Thursday Pools, Latham Pools, Leisure Pools and more. They leave the choice to the client. The quality of Signatures Pools is top notch. They have received numerous Awards both Nationally and Internationally. To check out more info on Signature Pools follow the links below.




Brandon of Cajun Pools and Spas has been credited with making the tanning ledge on fiberglass pool famous. Originally Cajun Pools would modify the fiberglass pools and add a tanning ledge made out of gunite. This was a unique melding of 2 different types of pool building materials. These efforst led to fiberglass pool manufacturers creating theor own models with the tanning ledge integrated into the pool and stand alone tanning ledges so there would be no need for a fiber/gunite combo. Never the less Cajun Pools has been at the forefront of the fiberglass pool industry for years. Check them out at the links below.

Website: currently there is no website available

Youtube: could not find a company channel


River Pools " The Original" is a heavy hitter. Maybe not so much in numbers of pools sold but in how they have helped develop the industry and popularized the fiberglass pool. Their installation techniques have been adopted industry wide as the "Best Practices" that should be used to install every fiberglass pool. They have also received national and international recognition for many of their fiberglass pool projects. For more info about River Pools please follow the links below.



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