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What is the best size fiberglass pool?

The D36 Fiberglass Pool by RIver Pools
The River Pools D36 Fiberglass Pool

The answer to this one can be subjective but for the majority of our clients, the 35' to 36' length fiberglass pools are the best selling. I have a feeling it is the best selling size model for other pool builders as well because fiberglass pool manufacturers like River Pools have just about every pool model available in that size. Below are 6 pool models that meet that threshold. Which one is your dream pool?

The R36 Fiberglass Pool by River Pools
The River Pools R36 Fiberglass Pool


The R36 is our best selling fiberglass pool and the 36' length is our best selling size. This pool boasts the most usable interior of all our fiberglass pool models making it the best value overall. It also features a full-width seating bench in the shallow end, wedding cake steps, and deep end corner benches.

The L36 Fiberglass Pool by River Pools
River Pools L36 Fiberglass Pool


The L36 is a classic traditonal pool style with a touch of modern design. This Roman style pool is 36' and features a full width tanning ledge in the shallow end and seating ledge in the deep end.

Teh D36 Fiberglass Pool by River Pools
The River Pools D36 Fiberglass Pool


The D36 is our 2nd most popular fiberglass pool model. This pool features the hottest pool trend the "Tanning Ledge".

River Pools C35 Fiberglass Pool
The C35 Fiberglass Pool by River Pools


The C35 is another beautiful sleek and curvy fiberglass pool that

hits that 35/36' benchmark. This pool features a shallow end tanning ledge and a spacious seating ledge in the deep end.

The M35 Fiberglass Pool by River Pools
River Pools M35 Fiberglass Pool


The M35 was a new model for 2020 and is quickly becoming a favorite amongst new pool owners. This pool features a shallow end tanning ledge with a large seating ledge running the length of the pool.

River Pools X36 Fiberglass Pool
The X36 Fiberglass Pool fom River Pools


Last but not least the newest fiberglass pool to the River Pools line up. This pool has it all. A tanning ledge a built-in spa, unobstructed swimming lane and deep-end corner benches.

When you are ready to dive into pool ownership call Pool Pros to get the process started 920-771-0107


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