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Fiberglass Pool Review: The Biloxi Fiberglass Pool from San Juan Pools

Updated: Jan 27, 2022


The Biloxi Fiberglass Pool is a traditional rectangle fiberglass pool that features a flat bottom and short tanning ledge. Having been a San Juan Fiberglass Pool Dealer in the past we have experience with this model and it was one of our favorites at that time. Below is a photo of The San Juan Biloxi Fiberglass Pool that Pool Pros built-in Appleton, WI.


The Biloxi Fiberglass Pool is a fun rectangular fiberglass pool best suited for small yard.

The Biloxi features a nice full-width and 9" deep tanning ledge in the shallow end of the pool

The full-width steps across the shallow end of this pool make access in and out of the pool a breeze.

The biggest plus is that this pool is unencumbered by unusual steps or benches. It has a nice wide open usable space for splashing or relaxing. The 4.25' flat bottom shape of this fiberglass pool lends it useful for new pool accessories like barstools,or even a volleyball or basketball game. It also features an L shaped bench in the deep end corner.


San Juan Pools offers 4 Gelcoat color options: Blue Lagoon, Granite, Sully Blue, and White

* Content in this article was provided in part from the San Juan Pools website. See the source link below for more information. The photos in this article are the property of Pool Pros. Manufacturers listed in this article are not affiliates and Pool Pros was not compensated for writing this article.



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Green Bay, WI 

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