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Fiberglass Spa Review: The Grand Spa from Thursday Pools

The Grand Spa from Thursday Pools
The Grand Spa - Thursday Pools

The Grand Spa from Thursday Pools
The Grand Spa - Thursday Pools

Grand Spa

De-Stress and Improve Your Wellbeing

Some days enough is enough. The Grand Spa is the perfect place to relax and ease those aches and pains. From soaking up the sun to chilling after exercise in your swimming pool, you’ll have just the right spot to release all that tension.

Pool Specifications.

You can either purchase the Grand Spa or the Grand Spa with Spillover. The dimensions are as follows:

Grand Spa

11'6" x 11'10" Depth: 35"

Grand Spa with Spillover

11'6" x 11'10" Depth: 35"

Sizes for grand spa
Size Range


The Grand Spa is available in these color options form Thursday Pools. Choose from Caribbean Sparkle, Maya, California, Sandstone, Diamond or Pearl. For more info on fiberglass color trends check out this article here.

Color Options

Hopefully, this gives you a great overview of the Grand Spa from Thursday Pools. Although we don't offer Thursday Pools, please take a look at our River Pools Brand Fiberglass Pools and if you are ready to take the plunge call us at 920-771-0107 today to set up your design consultation.


The content in this article is provided in part by Thursday Pools. The video and photos in this article are the property of Thursday Pools. Thursday Pools is not an affiliate and Pool Pros was not compensated for writing this article. For more information about the content source please see the source link provided below.



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